Top 5 Rules to gain social media marketing success


We know that a lot of companies are struggling with social media marketing, so today I'll teach you the rules of how to make your social media marketing a success.

1. Good Listener

Always remember, we sell by listening. With that being said, we should focus on being a good listener. You have to learn as much as you can about your audience. You should be looking at what type of content these people are liking, posting and sharing. Learning the type of content your audience is interested in will give you an indication as to what type of content you should be posting and what type of language you want to use when you communicate with them. When it comes to your social media campaign you can find out the best colors to use, the times you need to post and almost everything else you need to know. When, you are do a live stream post or ad, take note of the most frequently asked questions. These questions should give you ideas on ways you can market your product, how you can position the...

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How to gain 6,153 followers on Instagram in 28 Days and convert it to $36,817.16


Getting more followers in Just a span of 28 days is not easy, it hard work. If we really want to make money on Instagram then we should focus on being Profitable instead of Popular. There are a lot of people that have so many followers but have not earned a single penny because they build their following the wrong way. Now, if you really wanted to gain more followers and learn how to  make money on Instagram then keep reading.


Before you gain more followers and start to convert them into buyers or try to make money from them you should;

1. Define what you want to be known for.

There are 3 categories to choose from; An expert, enthusiast and curator

a. Expert - these are people who actually have professional working experience, a degrees and certifications and has also practice in their respective fields for many many years

b. Enthusiast - Not technically a professional but they are very gifted. “They have been doing whatever it is a long time and they're just very...

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October Summary
Late Night Biz Recap 

OCTOBER IN THE KINGDOM WAS SEISMIC!      We executed an amazing Wealth Camp with GOOGLE, and I fulfilled a dream!  A dream to create an environment where Entrepreneurs interactively create functioning, scalable business systems and ultimately improve their lives.  Google endowed the freedom and access to conduct MY event MY way, and I couldn't be more grateful!  Our Campers were keyed in and engaged, and our peerless instructors blessed with us with gems, nuggets and jewels, while Google gave us the loot...literally!

I murderlized Wealth Camp, but still laced ya'll with Late Night Biz pearls throughout October.  If you missed any of the scopes, you already know I got cha back!

At the top of the month I shared "Why I Dropped 5600 People From My Email List"The reasons I shared were...

  • They're unresponsive after 10 cycles of attempted email communication/sending content
  • It costs money to host/maintain...
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Not only did our partnership with Google make our already epic event, SEISMIC--but Rolling Out magazine was also present to document the occasion and did an additional feature article on "The King"! Click here to read article. Rolling Out Magazine features King Ashley Ann

Four days of strategy, execution and inspiration made this our most preeminent Wealth Camp to date!  We kicked things off getting schooled  BY Google AT Google!  Yes, THE GOOGLE!  The web/media giant, featuring team member Justin Dawkins, facilitated on site business verifications and Google Suite registrations, along with trainings on Adwords/Adwords Express, and Google 1st page placement.  Justin also dropped jewels about the importance of creating compelling content and the complex journey of the tech and social media consumer.

Master storyteller, author, and comedian Kim Coles, inspired us with chronicles of yesteryear that...

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No matter your field or area of expertise, CONSISTENCY IS KEY!
Neophytes and seasoned professionals alike, must produce regular streams of valuable content in order to build and sustain a successful brand.
Nowadays, content moves rapidly online and off! To remain afloat, you must find your niche audience and communicate with them in their language. Learn their archetypes and demographics, then utilize that information and engage with them regularly. Remind them how you add value, why they can trust you, and how you differ from others in your field. Quickly establish your Know, Like & Trust factor by educating and/or entertaining them via daily and weekly livestreams. Be open to sharing your experiences and personal story and struggles. This will humanize you, make you more relatable, and broaden your reach. All of which, allows for optimal engagement and content creation.

Additionally, creating effective lead magnets will swiftly build your lists. These low cost offers...

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September Summary
Late Night Biz Recap

September was a month of monumental blessings and triumphs in the Kingdom! I announced my epic partnership with GOOGLE and had an amazing Meet n' Greet in Atlanta, with Ms. Kim Coles. The past few weeks have definitely been a whirlwind, to say the least! In case you were mesmerized by the recent events and missed any of our scopes, I got ya covered! Welcome to the monthly Late Night Biz recap!

I opened the month with “Wanna Learn An Easy Strategy To Make More Money Quickly?”
In this scope, I shared information about “Bridging”.  A self-coined term that simply connotes the connection between the audience you have and the audience you’re targeting.
When amassing new followers through Livestreaming, we must bridge the divide between our products/services and the potential customer’s wallet. We do this by highlighting the benefits of our products/services and framing it around the customer’s pain points...

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It is time to develop a system for how to convert your new leads into buyers. First you need to prepare intake questions for your discovery calls. Use intake questions to learn more about these new leads and qualify them. We need to find out how quickly they want to start the offer. Leads that want to get started soon are more likely to convert over to clients.

It’s important to make sure that they are the person who cuts the check. It’s pointless to go through a discovery call with somebody who is not authorized to make the payment.

During your discovery call find out what they’ve already tried in the past to remedy their problem or meet their needs. This is going to help you pitch the part of your product or service that helps them fix their problem. Ask what they already tried and what their experience was. Highlight the benefits of your offer and how it will help them. Ask them what has been there biggest challenge in finding a remedy and why do they think that...

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Single clients spend completely different from married clients. Married clients must consult with their spouse for large purchases. If you are working with a client that is married always have them to invite their partner to the presentation. That way if they have questions they can ask you directly, this will help close deals. Give info to all decision makers, never give the info to one party!

Married clients are thinking about how they want to provide for their family, they want to have time to live the life they want, they want to send their kids to college and they don’t want them to have to struggle. While single people are thinking about how they want to build an empire, they are tired of working their 9-5, they want to travel, party, buy what they want, make sure their retirement is taken care of and have a comfortable life for their future.

Keep in mind that single people have more expendable income because they don’t have anybody else to take care of besides...

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Your ideal customer/ client is called your archetype. If you created your ideal customer or client who would it be? We need to learn as much info about them as possible so we can figure out who we are talking to then pick a name to define this person.

Even though a lot of us have more than one archetype, everybody is not your client. You don’t want to advertise in the wrong place or to the wrong people. Stay away from mass marketing, you never want to push everybody into one target.

Learn that it does not matter how many people are in your audience or marketing reach if they don’t fit your demographic. We need to know their basic demographic: 10-20-year age range, geographical location/ where they live, marital status, household income level. We also want to find out what TV shows they like, what clothing stores they go to, what grocery stores they like to shop in, what groups are they in, where do they hang out, etc.

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