7 Ways to Use Periscope for Business

Why should you be using Periscope for business? Periscope is a platform in which you can communicate or interact with people in real-time. With Periscope you are able to create a "know like and trust" factor faster than you would be able to with any other platforms. Also with Periscope, you don’t have to run an ad to get people to see your broadcast or have it show up on the map. Periscope is unlike any other platform. It gives you the ability to connect to people all over the world without sending or receiving friend request.


  1. Behind the scene 

Periscope is an amazing way to take people behind the scenes while you do what you do best. For example, if you own a boutique, you can show people what it looks like when your shipments come in, how things are put on the shelves or even what it’s like dressing the mannequins in your store. You can take a step further when dressing the mannequin by asking your audience what outfits you should put the mannequins or...

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