How I went from $0 to Over $3M Live Streaming

My favorite thing about live streaming is it's one of the few ways that you literally can earn a million dollars. All you need is your phone and your face and you can actually make money! It doesn't matter what platform you go live on. I’m going to share with you what equipment I use to live stream and what software you'll need. 

A lot of you feel like you have to have these full on amazing studios and ginormous backdrops. I want you to listen to me when I say this and this is whether you choose to live stream or not. If you're in here reading this, that means that you have a business or you desire to have a business or you are a side hustler. You're trying to create revenue for yourself. And I think now, more than ever a lot of people have realised how important it is to have secondary income. Our goal is to operate in excellence and not perfection -- you are allowed to grow. You are allowed to change, you are allowed to get better. That means our goal is to be the best...

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