October Summary
Late Night Biz Recap 

OCTOBER IN THE KINGDOM WAS SEISMIC!      We executed an amazing Wealth Camp with GOOGLE, and I fulfilled a dream!  A dream to create an environment where Entrepreneurs interactively create functioning, scalable business systems and ultimately improve their lives.  Google endowed the freedom and access to conduct MY event MY way, and I couldn't be more grateful!  Our Campers were keyed in and engaged, and our peerless instructors blessed with us with gems, nuggets and jewels, while Google gave us the loot...literally!

I murderlized Wealth Camp, but still laced ya'll with Late Night Biz pearls throughout October.  If you missed any of the scopes, you already know I got cha back!

At the top of the month I shared "Why I Dropped 5600 People From My Email List"The reasons I shared were...

  • They're unresponsive after 10 cycles of attempted email communication/sending content
  • It costs money to host/maintain...
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