13 Types of High Converting Content

These are specific types of content that will get you clients and customers. Of times people draw a blank. They don't know what type of content they need to post. It actually builds a buying base and turns follower into a buyer. So I wanted to give you guys the 13 types of super high converting content.


Before we get into number one, please always remember that Content is CASH. Content is cash in the social media world. I need for you all to understand. This is really, really serious. Your content is your currency here. Okay? If your content is not valuable, if your content is not good, you are not going to sell anything. Point blank, period, the end, okay, this is real talk. This is why there are people who only have 2000 followers. And I used to be one of them and we can make $70,000 a year from Instagram and another $60,000 from Facebook because we have good content and we're focused on the quality of a follower over like quantity of followers, right?

And this is why you have someone who may have like a million followers or 2 or 3 million followers. And they haven't been able to monetize the platform, is because there's like an issue with the content and like offer correlation. That's a real thing. So in the social media stratosphere, your content is your currency. Okay? And so our content determines how we build a buying base, like who we attract to us, our content actually determines even whenever we're running ads, what type of engagement we'll have.


Content is also going to determine how much we're actually selling and our content also is going to determine for us like our brand and like the messaging that we're communicating. So your content does a lot. A lot of times people think monetizing social media is nothing more than you take in a bunch of selfies and thrown up some hashtags and magically, all this cash starts to flow in through your doors. But there's actually like strategy behind this. And so we always talk about how you need high converting content. And a lot of you guys have been asking me like, what exactly is high converting content.

So the number one, is creating a culture of receipts and creating an environment where people actually want to share their wins or their experiences with your products and with your services, with your company, with your brand, those sorts of types of things. That's how we get down. That's, how we get it done. Some people will call this highlights. It's a little, teeny, tiny bit different than a testimonial because sometimes testimonials are formatted and packaged and they're really structured and highly curated. And people don't necessarily believe them when you have a culture of receipts or when you're doing like highlights, just like asking your viewers or customer to drop some moneybag if your product/service was able to help them and there's no editing of that, right? It's there.

And you can look at these people. You can talk to these people, you can share with these people, you can get the information from them. Um, and you can see firsthand, like, okay, this woman stuff works and nothing honestly sells more than someone who's experienced your product or service. And they're giving a co-sign versus you or one of your company's representatives. So that's number one. And that's like real life content and then what I do is I'll take screenshots from these, or we'll tag people like y'all saw me put a post. It was a screenshot of a DM conversation to showcase a receipt so you can take it and you can use it during the lives.


Number two, believe it or not sharing. Books and publications is a great way to showcase yourself as a resource, because at the end of the day, if you are a resource and people are interested in the content that you're putting out, if they find it helpful or highly valuable? That again leads to a conversion that leads to cash. And so a lot of times people want to know where they can get information so you can share books, magazines, websites, you can share publications, articles, digest, anything like that. If there is any type of industry professional, publications, educational books, all of that good stuff, shed thing out here in the world. And you can and you don't have to do like a gigantic list. You literally can get the book and post the cover of it.

Um, whether you're reading it or if you're about to buy it, or when they show up in the mail, but people find that really, really helpful. And then if you want to take it a step further, you can do a summary of the book and what we try with one of my clients and it's working really, really well. So she's going through this book and as she goes through the book, he's a piece, she is actually summarizing each chapter and then I have another client. She reads the book online, like out loud. So they're like all reading the book together, right? So it's almost kind of like a book club and they all have a copy of the book and she gets into her strains and she goes, and she reads the book like chapter by chapter and people love it and they come and they all read along and they're talking and giving comments and they have like a session after.

And then she sells tickets to these events. So, you can take it a step further if you want to, for online boutiques, do you suggest essence or vote? If that's what you're reading, I will do essence. I will do Vogue. I may do. Um, I may find like something about like textiles and he'll be whatever you want it to be. I may do like some type of style guide. Um, also I may find like some different blog posts or something like that. But you can summarize, you can read and you can just put up the publication and say, you know, this is where I'm looking for trends or for information up for this year. Whatever makes you feel good. Either way you can make it happen. All right.


Number three, is going to be answering questions. So, I'm going to get y'all some salts, I'm going to give y'all a good old tip that works because a lot of you guys say that, you're like, well, I don't have any engagement. I don't have any customers yet. How am I going to be able to answer these questions? No, one's asking me things. Yes they are. Okay. They may not be asking you things in the social media stratosphere yet, but whenever you go out, whenever you talk to your friends, whenever you talk to your family, whenever you talk to coworkers, whenever you talk to colleagues, right? Whenever you're speaking with potential customers and clients and all of that good stuff, think about it. They are asking you questions. There are frequently asked questions, and if you can't get questions from them, then guess what? Go to message spreads online and look at the questions that people are asking. And so what you'll do is just like, instead of having like a FAQ on the website, you will put up like a, let's say something, let's say you're a stylist. So you may have like ask a stylist or whatever, or you may have like question of the day or question of the week and you'll put up the question and then you'll go through the description and you write down your information, just like you write down your answer, just like that. So you can answer questions online and it showcases you as a resource because now you're getting an opportunity to show that you're helpful, provide good customer service and flex on your knowledge base pertaining to whatever that thing is.


Number four, it's showing behind the scenes. People definitely put a higher valuation on your work, your service or your product when they see how much work and effort goes into it. So like three, for instance, Becca 3d waxing is an esthetician and she does waxing. She's super-duper amazing. She's a young Tiffany and she was out here running this business. So to book more clients, Becca may show like when she's going on shopping run, or when she's prepping or she may go do like a little live or make like a little highlight video of when she's cleaning and sterilizing everything, between clients back up made, she may put, she may do like at the beginning of the day, but like a check-in. And like started at five o'clock in the morning and then show like the progression throughout her day, of how this is working or how things are going. So you can, you're a blonder or something. You may show that you're up at two in the morning and you're writing or editing or putting together new pieces of content. Like for my events, I would always show like the flowers all over my house.

And like, when we'd have like 80 boxes, flowers, we had to unload and sterilize and hydrate right along with setting up events and dragging all those sorts of types of things in, I know y'all were like, what, how does this work? It works because you're showing people that there's actually work and effort and passion and resources being burned behind whatever it is that you are doing. And so it helps fit. So that way, you know how sometimes y'all run into the problem where people don't want to pay your product, don't want to pay your prices for your products and services. This is going to help you alleviate that problem because now at the end of the day, people can understand what they're paying for because they know that it's a lot of work or that it's a lot of effort.


Number five, is going to be case studies. So, case studies are really, really dope because a lot of times people like to see examples of other people who have been able to accomplish some type of desired result, or someone who's been able to accomplish or overcome like a challenge. Right? So anyway, case studies are dope because a lot of times people can see themselves in that. And so it's one thing for me as the business owner or the expert or the professional to say, Oh, wow, I'm doing excellent in the areas of XYZ. But whenever you see a regular person or someone who doesn't have your expertise or your background or your knowledge, and they're out here winning or achieving some type of result, it normally is very inspirational for your current client base or your potential customers. It also is going to answer a lot of questions for them.

And it also is relatable, right? And at the end of the day, we need people to be able to relate because I share with you guys, I'm one of the I share with you guys.

So number six are infographics. Okay,  when you see like the little pictures and they have like little arrows or they're kind of like little flow charts and they take people through the process or through the steps. And they normally are cute and kind of cartoonish looking and stuff like that. I know that people really, really love infographics and a lot of people process information in that way. And they love to receive information like that. I am not really into infographics like that. Um, but the people are here for them and infographics definitely work.


Nobody is into the infographic. She was like, I love making those. A lot of people, like a lot of people I see Shannon does it all send me to and see, look, a lot of people like infographics. So that's validation for you guys that infographics actually are a good move to make. A lot of people actually save the infographics so they can go back and refer to them later and be able to follow them or pull whatever information they need from them. A lot of people also use the infographics. It's kind of like a guide or checklist. So lots of people really, really love infographics. Like a lot of people love infographics. I just, I don't know that I don't connect with them for whatever reason. Um, but it doesn't mean that they're bad. You know what I'm saying? You just, you just have to figure out what works for you. And so it's just like several people in there are really into infographics.


Number of seven, is going to be tutorials. Now y'all know I live near a tutorial. You can do video tutorials. You can do share based tutorials. You can do like little time-lapse tutorials. People love a good tutorial. They like cooking tutorials, beauty tutorials, hair tutorials, Loreals all change. Tutorials, book, writing tutorials, people don't care. They love a tutorial.

They love to be able to watch something positive and work along with it. I would put tutorials number two under the culture of receipts. I would do culturally receipts, number one, and I would do real talk. I would put tutorials. It's like, number two, people love tutorials. Like you can't go wrong with a tutorial. You can just show people what you're doing every day in your life and turn it into tutorials. And people will find it as valuable content. They will definitely see you as a resource. It will start to ask you questions and they will also start to ask you how they can purchase or how to work with you. So those work for sure. That's really my Area where I shot a more of like a content and giving you the meat of what is there, but for sure, for sure. Like if you're trying to get a little shops I'm done on your phone, you can do it with that.


Number eight, it's not actually selling your product. It's more about relevant images. And so when I talk about relevant images, I mean like things that represent like an experience or a feeling that you would like for clients to feel or something that people would like to do or something that's going to be exciting for them or give them some type of pleasurable moment. Like, that's what we want to post. So I give you guys an example. So let's say you sell popcorn. I don't know why I pick popcorn, but let's say you sell popcorn. A lot of you guys would think I should put popcorn all over my page. Right? Not necessarily a relevant image or the popcorn may be like, two kids, maybe like watching a movie with like a mom and a dad on each side of the sofa or something. And they all have their own, like little flavored popcorn or their little cans of popcorn. And everyone's like happy having family time. Right? Like that's what I mean by relevant image. So it's not necessarily you saying, Hey, click the link in the bio in order to popcorn. Instead it's, you're showcasing like the experience that people are having with the popcorn. And the popcorn is like a tool for family bonding time. Does that make sense? So again, whenever we choose relevant images were focused more on the experience.

Number nine, asking questions. So y'all know that I love using polls and health clubs. She's in the asked me, I love using that, the questions, options, and side of the stories, um, for show, for show. And I also like using the, ask me anything where people are able to ask me questions and those of you that follow me, y'all know typically on my timeline, I will throw something out there every now and then. And I'll say, tell me your biggest challenge or your biggest, biggest struggle concerning X.

The most beautiful thing about asking questions is because now you can get direct insight. I don't know why I'm going to just keep picking on back at three B waxing. So Becca may take this and she may put a poll in her stories and she may say, ladies, what's your fear? You know, what's your biggest fear when it comes to getting a Brazilian? Or why don't you get resilient waxes? Or she may ask, she may say, do you prefer, you know, a Brazilian or bikini or something like that? or she may ask a question, how many people have never gotten waxed before? Or why haven't you ever gotten waxed before? That may be something that she puts in her timeline and people could say I'm afraid. Or, you know, I tried it once and it hurt or, you know what I'm saying, whatever it is, does that make sense?

And then from there she can go and address the individual comments and hopefully convert them into customers. She can sell them, her different products, her pads, if they live in her city, she can say, well, Hey, we're going to run a special for you. And since you've never had a wax before, come on in your first time and I'll give you like a free area or we'll give you 15% off or something like that, but y'all understand how that works. Or you may drop a product or create a product based on how people answer those questions. Then if they ask it, then you say, Hey, you guys were asking them about X, Y, Z. So here's the content or here's the product that correlates with that. So that's how that works.


Number ten, is going to be hosting Hangouts and webinars. You also can do offline Hangouts where you're meeting people alive and in person, but I would highly encourage you because we're doing social media content and stuff like that to actually get online, because you're going to be able to effectively reach more people and you can do it from the comfort of your own hotel or at home, right? So you can host to hangout and you can host a live, you can do a webinar and you want to give the way I'm giving content that's helpful and valuable and answers, questions, same thing you want to do. So basically a lot of you guys like kept asking me, you're like, I don't know how to create highly valuable content. I don't really know what that is or what that means. I keep hearing this. I keep seeing this. I keep reading it in all the blogs. All these influencers keep telling me to create valuable content, but no one's telling me what valuable well continues. That's how I came up with this blog to be able to help you guys. So I went in, I looked through all my client's information. I looked through my information. I went to, I read a couple of extra articles and stuff. And I was like, okay. These seem to be the, you know, if we're going for the highest converting content, this is, these are the 13 that have the best track record. And here I am giving you guys the information.


Number 11, is going to be to create a list. Let me tell you all this people love lists. People, they like checklists. They like list of different options as far as like products and services and suppliers and restaurants and other people just love lists. They love a category list. They like holiday lists. They like shopping lists. People like grocery lists. They like springtime lists. People just love a good list. They like list of your apps and list of your tools and list of ingredients and listed. So people love list. Okay. So you could come up. So like, one, two, three, four, five, right? Um, boom, just like that. There's a list. Okay. That's how that works. Lists just whatever it is that people want to know about, you figure out a way to list it, baby.


Number 12, going to be to share resources. A lot of times people are looking for resources. So I always see people like, especially looking for like manufacturing lists or they want to know, what's the best supplier and people want to know warehousing. They want to know who they can use to repair their credit. People would like to know who they want to use for their social media. People like to know, the best camera equipment or what stores they should go to. Or anything like any type of valuable resource, if there's something that people want to know where you got it or how you get it, or if they have questions about it, you literally can just share your resources. And so there's more than one way to share a resource outside of a list. Like you can do a tutorial, you can do screen shares and show people as you're working through it. You can reach out to the company and have them do demos like inside of the webinars and stuff like that. That's a really easy way to share resources. You can turn around and you can like y'all know, I do like those little tutorials inside of my Instagram stories. Right? So there are all kinds of ways that you guys can share your resources.


Finally. Number 13, live demos. Sometimes times I get on here, I do live Instagram audit. Sometimes, I'll do live website reviews. Sometimes I go over people's ads and I audit them live. Sometimes I'll do picture products. I mean, you guys are new, so you haven't gotten a chance to experience some of these things yet get your product is when I help people come up with full on marketing plans, like flat out, up and down on the air.

I just be like, tell me your business. And we go and we start breaking it down. I help you figure out who your target audience is. We help you figure out your core product that you need to be offering. We help you put together the marketing campaign and different things you can do. So I'm going to tell you this, if you going to get out on the streets and do a live demo, you got to be good at what you do. But the most amazing thing about them is whenever I do them, I get a ginormous amount of customers and clients like new people flood, like literally flood our inboxes and our DMS, walk in wanting to work with us after they see the live demos and they, cause again, they can immediately see the value in what it is that I do.

They are excited. They, you said, Oh my God, I need that. Uh, you click the link in the bio and book you a laser session or a power session girl, anytime. Okay. Blink, blink, blink. But I do them and again, when people can see how I'm able to go through the process and help other people get to there, get to a solution, or get to something that they're desiring, then lots of other people to go. Oh, okay. I see what she does. I would like to sign up for an audit. I would like to sign up for a laser session. I want to come into the Academy or that program with her. So for sure, like doing like actually fixing things live on the air, if you are a makeup artists or something like that, or if you do like cleaning or institution, like showcase your clients facials, right. Show the before and after, or take them through the process of when you're doing the makeup. Y'all know what my event design and production company, I show case all day when I'm working and when I'm building stuff and during, and the finished product. And when we're at the party and stuff like that, like why you're actually fixing things, or creating things. If you're a knitter, if you make jewelry, if you make soaps, if you make body butters, it doesn't matter. Whatever it is. If there's something that you create.

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