How to gain 6,153 followers on Instagram in 28 Days and convert it to $36,817.16


Getting more followers in Just a span of 28 days is not easy, it hard work. If we really want to make money on Instagram then we should focus on being Profitable instead of Popular. There are a lot of people that have so many followers but have not earned a single penny because they build their following the wrong way. Now, if you really wanted to gain more followers and learn how to  make money on Instagram then keep reading.


Before you gain more followers and start to convert them into buyers or try to make money from them you should;

1. Define what you want to be known for.

There are 3 categories to choose from; An expert, enthusiast and curator

a. Expert - these are people who actually have professional working experience, a degrees and certifications and has also practice in their respective fields for many many years

b. Enthusiast - Not technically a professional but they are very gifted. “They have been doing whatever it is a long time and they're just very...

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