How to gain 6,153 followers on Instagram in 28 Days and convert it to $36,817.16


Getting more followers in Just a span of 28 days is not easy, it hard work. If we really want to make money on Instagram then we should focus on being Profitable instead of Popular. There are a lot of people that have so many followers but have not earned a single penny because they build their following the wrong way. Now, if you really wanted to gain more followers and learn how to  make money on Instagram then keep reading.


Before you gain more followers and start to convert them into buyers or try to make money from them you should;

1. Define what you want to be known for.

There are 3 categories to choose from; An expert, enthusiast and curator

a. Expert - these are people who actually have professional working experience, a degrees and certifications and has also practice in their respective fields for many many years

b. Enthusiast - Not technically a professional but they are very gifted. “They have been doing whatever it is a long time and they're just very good at it even if they did not take a class to learn a particular topic.

c. Curator - They don't have a lot of skills, but they do have a deep love and passion for whatever it is they want to be known for. They gather the best content and news on the topic they are passionate about and bring both together wonderfully.

Everything or at least 80% of what you post on Instagram needs to be all about what you want to be known for.

2. Post 3 days a time in different times

 Once we figure out what you want to be known for, we need to post about. We need to try to post 3x a day or at least once a day. When you do your posting on Instagram you should not do it back to back to back that is social media throw up, and people get annoyed when you vomit your post on their timeline. Trust me social media throw up will cause people to start unfollowing you.

Also, if you have a business account for Instagram its gong to show you when your followers are most active and engaging with you. Try to post around those times.


3. Hashtags

Hashtags are your friends. they can make your account quickly grow in followers. The right hashtag, can help your account by exposing you to your target audience. Also when choosing a hashtag, always think as if you are your target follower/consumer. It would also be a good idea if you look for the popular people (a person who a large number of ACTIVE of followers) in the area you want to be known for and turn on your notifications for them. Pay attention to what time they post and what they post but do not copy what they are posting. Use their pages just get the idea of what type of content your target followers want. You will check out the people who are actively engaging (liking and commenting) with the post. You will go check their account and look what they are posting and the hashtags they're using. Ding!Ding!Ding! That is how you use hashtag. Then you will attract people who are liking your page and buying your products.

Sample types of hashtags:

*relative hashtag - hashtags relative to your post

*community hashtag - people using the same hashtags and engaging and liking with each other

*personality hashtag - hashtags that showcase your personality, your morals and your beliefs


5. Run an AD

You can run an ad giving something free it could be a class, recording, e-book, or whatever all for free. You should put a caption saying click the link on my bio to get (that thing you've posted for free) You are now building your list, and also getting a lot of followers at the same time. Just don't forget to put "@yourhandlename" at the top of your add so people who are in your freebie and your content can easily follow your Instagram account. So, that's how you do it. BLINK BLINK BLINK


6. DM's

Next, you should set up an auto-responder. Say for example if someone sends you a DM and is interested in what you are giving, posting, or offering they can easily receive a reply from you. An auto-responder allows you to leave a positive impression and gives people the felling of one on one engagement.  It also opens up the door for communication. When the communication door is open you can talk about anything while gathering information and finding out what the follower wants, needs, or will need so you know what to offer these people. If you want to know the best auto-responder sign up @instacoin academy and you will learn even more about how to gain followers and convert them it into buyers.



7. Insta-stories

I know that live-streaming is not for everybody a lot of people are not comfortable with the thought of facing the camera.  It can be stressful to come up with a concept to talk about - its overwhelming to most people but if you are comfortable with it then do it. Well for those who are camera shy, we have alternatives to use for insta-stories like Quotes, word of the day, you can put of images of what you are eating or working on, clips of music and just about anything else you can think of. You don't really need to show your face you can just use any of those alternatives and make sure to post no more than 3 times a day. Also put a hashtag every now and then and it will help you gain people.


8. Sponsored post or Shout outs

Look for 30 to 50 people's pages that you can promote or advertise on. The reason why you need to look for 30 to 50 people is because some of those will not be a good fit. The goal is to promote your page on other Instagram pages at least 3 times a week.  Do the same thing with a shot out for shout out post.

Next you want to check out how many followers you got over time.  You also want to pay attention to how many people signed up on your list. If you get a lot of followers but there are only a few people actually signed up that means something somewhere has gone wrong.  If you’re not getting people on your list then you are doing everything for nothing.

Majority of your new followers and email subscribers will come from sponsored posts and shout outs. It is very necessary that you create a variety of pages to do sponsored post on because if you post too much on one page you're going to drain their followers, and you don't want to do that.

So there you have it. Now you know how I got all of my new followers. It would also be a good idea to host a free event at the end of the month. Set it up so that in order for them to attend they must follow you on Instagram and sign up for your email list. Do NOT do the free event on Instagram.  You should host it via a webinar platform or something like that. If you don't have anything to do a free 99 webinar about you can give them a free e-book or a copy of anything you think is beneficial and is in the interest of your followers. Also, during the free event you can offer them the product or services that you are selling. So ladies and gentle men that is how I got my 6,153 new follower on Instagram and converted them into $36,817.16 in 28 days.

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