What makes successful social media ads 3

I want you to look for a variation in comments, and look for a variation in commenters. I'm not saying that you can't have some people that really, really rock with you and whatever you post and that converse and talk, etc. But, you're going to see some additional ones come in and go out. For example, you may see five people that always comment on my posts, but, if I have a post with 1700 people, it’s not all the same people. Does that make sense? So, I want you all to really, pay attention to those things. They'll reach out to you and say, “Hey, do you want to run an ad on my page?” or say that it's really cheap for me.  I’ve typically have had negative experiences of someone reaching out to me and asking me to run an ad on their page. In the past, that has not fared well for me. Therefore, I like to search and find pages that I can promote on. I like people to refer me or say these are good pages.


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