September Summary
Late Night Biz Recap

September was a month of monumental blessings and triumphs in the Kingdom! I announced my epic partnership with GOOGLE and had an amazing Meet n' Greet in Atlanta, with Ms. Kim Coles. The past few weeks have definitely been a whirlwind, to say the least! In case you were mesmerized by the recent events and missed any of our scopes, I got ya covered! Welcome to the monthly Late Night Biz recap!

I opened the month with “Wanna Learn An Easy Strategy To Make More Money Quickly?”
In this scope, I shared information about “Bridging”.  A self-coined term that simply connotes the connection between the audience you have and the audience you’re targeting.
When amassing new followers through Livestreaming, we must bridge the divide between our products/services and the potential customer’s wallet. We do this by highlighting the benefits of our products/services and framing it around the customer’s pain points...

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Single clients spend completely different from married clients. Married clients must consult with their spouse for large purchases. If you are working with a client that is married always have them to invite their partner to the presentation. That way if they have questions they can ask you directly, this will help close deals. Give info to all decision makers, never give the info to one party!

Married clients are thinking about how they want to provide for their family, they want to have time to live the life they want, they want to send their kids to college and they don’t want them to have to struggle. While single people are thinking about how they want to build an empire, they are tired of working their 9-5, they want to travel, party, buy what they want, make sure their retirement is taken care of and have a comfortable life for their future.

Keep in mind that single people have more expendable income because they don’t have anybody else to take care of besides...

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