How to get people to buy your stuff during a Holiday weekend?


People are expected to spend their money during holidays like Independence Day, Labor Day and Black Friday sale. After all the holidays are for are partying and shopping so it’s natural to expect that your sales will increase, especially if they know that there’s a holiday sale. So why not take advantage of the fact that people are willing and ready to spend their money.


1.  Identify your product


You need to focus on one product. You don't need to sell many products even if you have an online boutique or bundles you must focus on one product for example; scarfs only, wigs only or shoes only. If your business is serves based, then pick one particular service. A lot of you are having difficulty in making sales because you’re trying to sell a lot of products all at once. When you sell online via social media, a landing page, website, or any other online store you typically have between 3 to 7 seconds to connect customers to whatever it is that you...

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