How to get people to buy your stuff during a Holiday weekend?


People are expected to spend their money during holidays like Independence Day, Labor Day and Black Friday sale. After all the holidays are for are partying and shopping so it’s natural to expect that your sales will increase, especially if they know that there’s a holiday sale. So why not take advantage of the fact that people are willing and ready to spend their money.


1.  Identify your product


You need to focus on one product. You don't need to sell many products even if you have an online boutique or bundles you must focus on one product for example; scarfs only, wigs only or shoes only. If your business is serves based, then pick one particular service. A lot of you are having difficulty in making sales because you’re trying to sell a lot of products all at once. When you sell online via social media, a landing page, website, or any other online store you typically have between 3 to 7 seconds to connect customers to whatever it is that you do or sell. People don't want to take time to figure out what it is you do or sell. To many options or choices can easily confuse your buyers and they won’t buy anything. That’s why it is important to pick one product to focus on during the holidays.  




2.   Identify the target audience


Now that you have a picked a product or service to promote, It’s time to figure out who you want to promote or sell it? Remember, everyone is not your customer. Everyone may be able to use your product or service but they are not all your customer. To help zero in on your target audience ask yourself the following questions. How much does my product or services cost? What type of financial income does someone needs to afford my product and services? Are my products more suitable for men, women, teenage girls, or teenage boys? You cannot promote a product or service that is suitable for a woman to a man because, men, women and teenagers think and act differently. It’s very important to figure out who can afford my product or service and for whom is your product suitable.



3.  Find 7 places where your target audience hangout online


I'll give you 2 hot places to find these people.

Other people's pages- Look for an industry related social media page with lots of followers and engagement.  Once you find an active page you can reach out to the owner of that page if they do a sponsored post or if they would be interested in collaborating.


Industry related Facebook groups or LinkedIn groups - A lot of people have a favorite Facebook page or group that they like to visit. You may notice that the engagement in these groups are relatively low however they are a good place to meet potential customers. That is why you should make it a point to be active by leaving comments, sharing and liking content in these groups. Growth will be slow at first but if you are consistent you will notice that group members will starting to come to your page. Once you get people over to your page you can introduce them to your product or service. However, when you are posting in these groups always remember to respect the creator or group administrators. It’s always a good ideal to ask the people in charge if it is okay for you to post a blog or video. Also make sure that the content you post will be helpful to most of the group members.



4.  Be clear about the benefits of your product or service


Whenever someone visits your landing page, Instagram, or any of your other social media pages and you're telling people about your product or service, YOU NEED TO BE VERY CLEAR ABOUT HOW IT WILL ADD VALUE TO THEIR LIVES. But, before you tell people about the benefit of your product or services, you need to come up with a list of 3 to 5 benefits of your product or service. Benefit is not what you sell or how it works, it is how that product or service helps your target customer and adds value. Value is something that extends beyond what your product or service can do for your target customer goals and objectives. You want to have those benefits listed so when your target customer ask you why they need your product you will be prepared to answer. Trust me having this list ready has just made your life easier. Blink. Blink. Blink.


5.  Create a Landing Page or website


Now that we have done number 1 to 4 we need to create a page, it may be a landing page or a website. We need to create an easy way for your target customers to find and purchase your product or service. The best way to do this is by creating a direct link to that product or service. People don't like to go to a page with tons of information. For example if you sell " apples" online you must create a link to the specific apple you want to sell during your holiday sale. Remember these people are coming from your social media post about a particular apple. Therefor they don’t want to go to your landing page or website and see a variety of apples. It will make you seem more professional and a secure sale if you create a direct link to that product or service. Also, it is a good idea to put a timer in your page. A timer will create a since of urgency and force people to make a decision.



6.  Add the link to your bio


After you've done number 5, simply ad link to your bio. Whatever product you have in that weekend just put the direct link to your bio so people can just easily click the link your bio. Somebody should get directly to that product so don't forget this step.



7.  Email your list or network


If you have done 1 through 6 then the last step would be to send out a promotional email your list or network. If you don't have an email list, you should have a network of at least 10 people that you can call or text to say that you are sending an email about the product or service your are promoting and the holiday sale you will be having.  You can ask them if they know other people that can use your product or service.  If they do then you can ask then to send the email to them or if they are willing to send them your email or if you can have their email address so that you can send it yourself.

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