13 Types of High Converting Content

These are specific types of content that will get you clients and customers. Of times people draw a blank. They don't know what type of content they need to post. It actually builds a buying base and turns follower into a buyer. So I wanted to give you guys the 13 types of super high converting content.


Before we get into number one, please always remember that Content is CASH. Content is cash in the social media world. I need for you all to understand. This is really, really serious. Your content is your currency here. Okay? If your content is not valuable, if your content is not good, you are not going to sell anything. Point blank, period, the end, okay, this is real talk. This is why there are people who only have 2000 followers. And I used to be one of them and we can make $70,000 a year from Instagram and another $60,000 from Facebook because we have good content and we're focused on the quality of a follower over like quantity of followers, right?

And this is why...

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