• Learn your client’s names

Learn your client’s names, and when you see them greet them by their name. The reason why this is so effective is because 95% of people who are in business are not doing it. If you want people to spend a large amount of money with you the least, you can do is learn their name. Greeting a client by name makes them feel important and lets them know that you value their business. Think about it, If your spending large amounts of money with a company the least they can do is learn your name.


  • Remember Repeat Orders

Sometimes you get customers that order the same thing all the time.  Imagine how nice you feel when walk in somewhere and the person behind the counter knows exactly what you want. Always try your best to remember stuff about your clients. Like any type of repeat order, or any type of order variation of a repeat order.  It will help you a lot when it comes to upselling.  People buy based off of how they feel. If...

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