• Learn your client’s names

Learn your client’s names, and when you see them greet them by their name. The reason why this is so effective is because 95% of people who are in business are not doing it. If you want people to spend a large amount of money with you the least, you can do is learn their name. Greeting a client by name makes them feel important and lets them know that you value their business. Think about it, If your spending large amounts of money with a company the least they can do is learn your name.


  • Remember Repeat Orders

Sometimes you get customers that order the same thing all the time.  Imagine how nice you feel when walk in somewhere and the person behind the counter knows exactly what you want. Always try your best to remember stuff about your clients. Like any type of repeat order, or any type of order variation of a repeat order.  It will help you a lot when it comes to upselling.  People buy based off of how they feel. If people like you and if they feel good around you, they are gonna keep buying from you.


  • Start learning things about your customers

Start to learn things about your customers so that you can provide a better experience for them. Anything that you can learn about your customers like their favorite colors, what they like to drink, or what they like to eat.  Remembering personal things about your customers helps to create a customized experience for them. The better the experience you provide for a customer or for client the more likely they are to come back to you. Not only will they come back to you they will spend more money with you because you have added value to your services therefore you have added value to your company. If you add more value that means people are willing to pay more so the next time they come back they are going to be willing to pay more money because they already see a value in what you do. Learning about each customer is probably the most important tip to turn your one-time customer into a lifetime customer.



  • Make an exception

When you make an exception, let the client know that you're making an exception for them so that they would appreciate it even more. Say something like, you know this normally isn’t the way that we do this or normally this is our limit for this but for you we can make that happen. Just like when you're dealing with a hotel and hotels have exclusivity rights. You got to go through them for your food and beverage and all of that and they said that they had consulted with five different clients and they're going the extra-mile works in your favor. Most of us love it when people make exceptions for us, so same thing for our clients.


  • Think of the small things for your clients

Everybody always forgets about the little teeny tiny details especially when they're planning large events. They're just so busy, they're overwhelmed they have family from out of town and they have a lot of people and things demanding their time. When there is  a lot going on and people have a lot of need sometimes people forget the small things. When you have a client who is going through a lot doing one small things that can earn you a customer for life. For example, if you're a cake baker let's your client orders cupcakes for a birthday party, why not put in a little box of birthday candles with the cupcakes. Your clients will be so happy and they will think of you every time they need to order cupcakes.


  • Delivery

Delivery is your friend. Let me tell you why delivery is your friend. First, because people don't do it anymore.  Second, it saves your clients a lot of time and a lot of stress and it's convent for them. The third reason delivery is great because it's another way for you to generate revenue by setting yourself apart from the competition. I didn't realize how much customers liked delivery when I first started my business. It took me about a year and a half to figure out that customers love delivery. So we started delivering products and we adding a delivery charge. because clients have a million and one things going  they are happy to pay it and they are  excited to get their stuff.




  • Care about your clients/customer

People can feel it when you care about them and they can feel it when you care about making them happy. They can also feel it when you care about providing a good experience for them. They can feel it when you care about your property, employees and reputation. Trust me energy is real, and you customers and clients can feel it. Energy is very powerful and sometimes people will admire you and they respect you and they will want to work with you more just because they love how much you care about what you're doing.


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