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This is something that I've learned in life. You have to filter down between the people that really want to invest in the valuable products and services that you offer from the people that are just there to use the information you have to share. There are some people that show up to my live streams and free workshops just to fill up space, blink, blink, blink.


Later on when they see the people that saw value and invested they're like, how how'd you blow up your Instagram account? How are your Facebook ads working like that? How's all this stuff blowing up? -- They didn’t get to experience those same results because they left too soon. They were only there to take in the information and didn’t invest in learning how to properly apply it.

Let's talk about ramming. Ramming is random acts of marketing. They do not accomplish a thing. No matter if you're on Instagram as a creative, to build your brand, for awareness, to start your business, or for your nonprofit. You're looking for awareness. You may be trying to raise money for your foundation or a worthy cause, but you cannot participate in random acts of marketing.


Realize that you have to be intentional about trying to do something on social media and monetize it every time you hit the broadcast button to go live. Whether you know it or not, live streaming is a form of marketing. You're building brand awareness. People are learning who the person is behind the brand. So no more ramming, no more random acts of marketing. If you rammed before, you can recover but let's not continue to ram!


The first thing you need to plan is your free 99. You’ll need to plan before you act, so sit down and think about what you want to accomplish. Basically, we're going to walk through creating an action plan so you can grow your audience and followers and build a buying base. It won’t happen accidentally.


What is your actual plan? What is your desired outcome for Instagram? Do you want to make an extra $5,000? Or are you using Instagram because you would like to transition into businesses? A lot of people say that they miss the YouTube wave. And they see Instagram kind of like YouTube now, y'all know people been blowing up on YouTube. People have gotten discovered there and there are people that make millions of dollars on YouTube as well. I view Instagram as that because I have gained tremendous opportunities from the platform. I'm not even talking about money. I'm talking about other opportunities as well that have come from Instagram, like meeting my fantastic fabulous rich friends -- get you some rich friends.

We talk more about this and how to leverage opportunities in Instacoin Academy too. Where I  teach you guys the effective way to network. So even outside of monetary gains, there are lots of tremendous, amazing life changing opportunities that you get from Instagram. Since there are so many opportunities, you have to make sure that you're planning before you act. I need you to write down your desired outcome.

Do you want to get discovered?

Are you trying to book more speaking engagements?

Do you want to make additional income?

Would you like to turn this into something that it's your soul?


Next, what’s your desired income and what goals do you need to set in order to achieve this? You need to be very aware of this because it's going to have everything to do with the type of strategy that you're going to use when you're building your little empire.

Answer all of these questions and seriously think about what goals you want to hit. Write them down and then come back for part 2.

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