10 Bad Habits That Stop You From Succeeding

There are a lot of bad habits that are keeping the majority of you from succeeding. The Key to stopping a bad habit is to admit that we do it and it’s a problem. Now, let’s talk about the Top 10 bad habits that stop us from succeeding. These are ten bad habits that should be we should stop not tomorrow, not next week but right now.


  1. Over committing


I know many of you guys are guilty of this habit. Committing to too many things will sometimes make you miss important details and make you seem flakey and unreliable to the people you’ve committed to.  Stretching yourself to thin will start to become exhausting, frustrating and my lead to depression and anxiety. If you look up and all of a sudden you're not getting things done and the things that are getting done are subpar or below standard you may have a problem over committing.  If over committing is an issue for you before you say yes and agree to something stop and think. How much time is...

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