What makes successful social media ads 2

Niches are the third parameter that goes into making a successful social media ad.  When you're writing in the description, you're putting out your copy, you’re going to figure out these things. I have said you should focus on having 1 - 4 segments of people, 1 - 4 niches, that's where you're going to see if you fall into one of these categories. If you're in category one or category two, it doesn't work that way. So for me, for example, I’ll post: “If you're starting a business or interested in starting a business follow @KingAshleyAnn”. On other pages I may post, “If you’re a woman in business (because I’m looking for other women), follow @KingAshleyAnn”.  “If you want to learn how to use Facebook ads (if that's the type I'm looking for), follow @KingAshleyAnn”. Direct it towards whoever it is that you're trying to call out. “If you have natural hair or if you love protective styling, follow...

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