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Niches are the third parameter that goes into making a successful social media ad.  When you're writing in the description, you're putting out your copy, you’re going to figure out these things. I have said you should focus on having 1 - 4 segments of people, 1 - 4 niches, that's where you're going to see if you fall into one of these categories. If you're in category one or category two, it doesn't work that way. So for me, for example, I’ll post: “If you're starting a business or interested in starting a business follow @KingAshleyAnn”. On other pages I may post, “If you’re a woman in business (because I’m looking for other women), follow @KingAshleyAnn”.  “If you want to learn how to use Facebook ads (if that's the type I'm looking for), follow @KingAshleyAnn”. Direct it towards whoever it is that you're trying to call out. “If you have natural hair or if you love protective styling, follow @BundlesOfBookoos”, or whatever the name of your account or your company is. Does that make sense?


So, our goal is to look at their page and create a piece of content that their audience wants to consume. We want to make sure we also are calling out our specific niches or segments of people that we're talking about. This applies to anything, including young sports programs. It doesn’t matter what your book is, or what the program is. It doesn’t matter if you're selling a physical or digital product or a program. It applies to this information that I’m giving you today. It also applies if you're marketing in any channel, in any segment, whether you're online, offline. Even if I'm running a radio ad or a television commercial. If you run TV commercials, you should go in and see what type of programming your ideal audience is into, because you should only run on those networks or stations, or during the time they watch.


This information is meant to help you guys monetize these social media platforms, but it’s also genuine business training. This is teaching you how to be a target marketer. This is teaching you how to get in front of your desired customer, and teaching you how to get into a position where they want to come to you and ask for your products, services, and/or programs, or to buy your book, or whatever else you have going on. If it was not something that was universal, I would literally say, ‘this is how you do it for authors”, or “this is how you do it for fitness trainers”. However, at the end of the day, if you can't figure out how to take this information that I give you and to apply it to your business, you really should consider getting a coach, or a consultant. It doesn’t have to be me, but you need to get someone, because, that's what coaches and consultants do. We don't speak in universal or general terms. We tell you what you're going to do for your business. That's typically why it costs a fair amount of money and why it’s a significant investment to work with us because we have to be in your business in order to consult with you, to point you in the right path to find out what’s best for you. If you are coming to my trainings and other people's training, and you buy books and courses, and you take all kinds of classes and academies, and it's still not working, you really need to consider getting a coach or consultant. Consultants will tell you what you need to do, help you troubleshoot and help you figure stuff out.


Now that we've gone through all of the basics, like creating content, integrating it into someone's page, and giving them a call to action, to come over and to follow and connect with you. We will now discuss some basic things you need to look for on the actual influencer pages, because many people struggle with this as well. I think several people have unfortunately spent money on an account and have spent money advertising with someone only to find out that it's a fake page. What I mean by fake page is, they have fake followers, they have fake commenters, they're out here pretending like they're larger than what they are so that they can capitalize on you, and get money from you.


Just in case you're planning to work with micro influencers or mega influencers, I wanted to go through some quick signs that you can look for, if you're trying to figure out if the person has legitimate followers on their page and if that’s the place for you to advertise or not. So first, we want a variation in posting times. If there's a human running their page, they're going to post to their timeline and stories during different times of the day and night.


The next thing that we're looking for are comments. Typically, if someone really has influence, if they really have a connection with their audience, it doesn't  matter if they have a million followers or if they only have a thousand followers, you're going to see comments from time to time. And more specifically, there should be a variation in comments. It’s not going to be 10 comments every single time. For example, if you all go down my timeline, you will see some posts only have eight or nine comments. You'll see some posts have like 16 comments. You'll see some posts have 300 comments. You'll even see a few posts that may have 15 comments. This is because everything does not resonate with everyone. There should be a variation in the amount of comments on the page. You want to make sure you are putting your money where you’re going to get a return. Even if you post at different times of the day, you’re going to see a variation.  I promise if you go look at anybody who has a real page, with real followers, you're going to see a variation. 


You also need to look at the commenters. There are little bots that people can buy, or sometimes people even make like 10 or 12 other accounts so they can look like they are popular. Or they have hired teams of people who will go and comment.


Now if you have a true fan base like me, or you have “Kingdom members'' or something like that, of course you're going to get some of the same people that come back and come in and talk and things like that, but you're also going to notice a variation of other people. However, when people are out here faking and being phony with their follower accounts, etc, you will notice it's like always the same people in the comments and you never really see anyone else different or anyone new. Again, the way that the algorithms are set up on social media right now, it's impossible for all of your followers to see your post within a 24-hour period, whenever you post it. Therefore, the same people are not even going to see it to be able to post on every single post like that.




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