3 Major Steps to Choose or Create a Major Online Money Maker

  • First Step: Targeting.


You must know your audiences. The goal is to find people who are interested in your product.   you're looking for people who have experience in a particular area or they want to gain experience. You're looking for people who are in a particular age group or live in a specific location. You are looking for people who may have purchased a product similar to the one you sell or a product that correlates with your product or service in the past or they are about to purchase something that correlates with it in the near future. You do not want to do a mass marketing  because you will end up broke. Remember, not everyone is your customer or client. You need to determine you is your product or services for.


  • Second Step: Evaluate Your Product.


There are two very important questions you should not asking. First is how does your product work? And second, why would someone need it or want it? Use the answers to these questions...

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