3 Major Steps to Choose or Create a Major Online Money Maker

  • First Step: Targeting.


You must know your audiences. The goal is to find people who are interested in your product.   you're looking for people who have experience in a particular area or they want to gain experience. You're looking for people who are in a particular age group or live in a specific location. You are looking for people who may have purchased a product similar to the one you sell or a product that correlates with your product or service in the past or they are about to purchase something that correlates with it in the near future. You do not want to do a mass marketing  because you will end up broke. Remember, not everyone is your customer or client. You need to determine you is your product or services for.


  • Second Step: Evaluate Your Product.


There are two very important questions you should not asking. First is how does your product work? And second, why would someone need it or want it? Use the answers to these questions write proper copy. Your copy is going to help you get more conversion from your ads. Everything that you built to sell and market this product is going to revolve around these two questions. Now, that you know the answers to these two questions we need to go back to the first step and get really detailed with our targeting. Try to find a niche or sub community and ask yourselves who needs my product and who wants my product. Always remember, customers buy what they want so make sure you do everything to make people want your product.


  • Third Step: Find where your Potential Customer is Hanging Out.


You want to make sure your ad is tasteful. Consider the audience that you're trying to reach. In some audiences sex will help you sell and in other audiences to much sexy might be a major turn off. So pay attention to the likes and dislikes of your audience. Take note of what they don't like and what they respond to but and use it to your advantage.  Now that you’ve figured out who needs our product and we know who our audience is let’s find out where these people hang out in where are they shop. I would advise you before you run any major marketing campaign look at your industry leaders look at your national and international companies.  Look at community leaders and current events. Pay attention to what these leaders are what they're posting. You need to go into the forums and look at what they're having conversations about you need to look and see what people are responding to and you need to pay attention to the colors you need to look at the time of day they're posting all of that. Studying your industry leaders is going to  give you insight and let you know what's gonna really work for you and what's going to convert well.  For example if you see that your target audience responds to a lot of really humorous memes and videos then that's going to be an indication for you that you need to incorporate some humor into your videos. If you see that a lot of the target audience that you're trying to reach are fans of The Walking Dead and every week when the Walking Dead goes off you see all of them dropping means and having conversation and using Walking Dead hashtags and stuff like that well then that's gonna tell you that you may want to post around the time Walking dead goes off so that my post can be seen in the mix and I also may want to post something that's related to the Walking Dead so I can just start up conversation and we can have something and common. So just look to see where your audience is and what groups and  what pages they are on. Look at what forms and what online marketplaces they frequent and all those sorts of types of things.

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