No matter your field or area of expertise, CONSISTENCY IS KEY!
Neophytes and seasoned professionals alike, must produce regular streams of valuable content in order to build and sustain a successful brand.
Nowadays, content moves rapidly online and off! To remain afloat, you must find your niche audience and communicate with them in their language. Learn their archetypes and demographics, then utilize that information and engage with them regularly. Remind them how you add value, why they can trust you, and how you differ from others in your field. Quickly establish your Know, Like & Trust factor by educating and/or entertaining them via daily and weekly livestreams. Be open to sharing your experiences and personal story and struggles. This will humanize you, make you more relatable, and broaden your reach. All of which, allows for optimal engagement and content creation.

Additionally, creating effective lead magnets will swiftly build your lists. These low cost offers...

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September Summary
Late Night Biz Recap

September was a month of monumental blessings and triumphs in the Kingdom! I announced my epic partnership with GOOGLE and had an amazing Meet n' Greet in Atlanta, with Ms. Kim Coles. The past few weeks have definitely been a whirlwind, to say the least! In case you were mesmerized by the recent events and missed any of our scopes, I got ya covered! Welcome to the monthly Late Night Biz recap!

I opened the month with “Wanna Learn An Easy Strategy To Make More Money Quickly?”
In this scope, I shared information about “Bridging”.  A self-coined term that simply connotes the connection between the audience you have and the audience you’re targeting.
When amassing new followers through Livestreaming, we must bridge the divide between our products/services and the potential customer’s wallet. We do this by highlighting the benefits of our products/services and framing it around the customer’s pain points...

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