September Summary
Late Night Biz Recap

September was a month of monumental blessings and triumphs in the Kingdom! I announced my epic partnership with GOOGLE and had an amazing Meet n' Greet in Atlanta, with Ms. Kim Coles. The past few weeks have definitely been a whirlwind, to say the least! In case you were mesmerized by the recent events and missed any of our scopes, I got ya covered! Welcome to the monthly Late Night Biz recap!

I opened the month with “Wanna Learn An Easy Strategy To Make More Money Quickly?”
In this scope, I shared information about “Bridging”.  A self-coined term that simply connotes the connection between the audience you have and the audience you’re targeting.
When amassing new followers through Livestreaming, we must bridge the divide between our products/services and the potential customer’s wallet. We do this by highlighting the benefits of our products/services and framing it around the customer’s pain points and needs. If you don’t have an existing product for that target customer, create it!

I then revealed “10 Steps I’ve Used For Years To Attract High End/Luxury Clients And How You Can Too”

Maintain a positive mindset
Focus only on the positive aspects of your life and business. Try incorporating gratitude chants into your daily regimen...IT WORKS!

Build your Archetype(s)
Create an “archetype avatar”, complete with a name, sex, occupation, income and lifestyle. Target and communicate with that individual archetype in business, introducing them to suitable products and services from your catalog.

Be where they are!
Research your archetype to learn where they hang out, then PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE!

Establish yourself as a resource
Think of how people use your services, then provide value to them by demonstrating your expertise via Livestreaming, Blog Posts, Webinars, and Workshops

Build a Portfolio - Results get results
Select 5 to 7 people to work for gratis, but target 3 specific types…
1. An influencer with your target audience
2. Someone that can afford your services
3. An influencer, that can also afford your products and services


I followed up with Part 2 of “10 Steps I’ve Used For Years To Attract High End/Luxury Clients And How You Can Too”

Implement a good Customer Response Manager(CRM)
80% of people buy from merchants that respond to them first! High end clients want to know that they’re a priority, not an afterthought

Provide value
Include upgrades and extras to bump up the perceived value of your products/services

Walk your customers through your product/service costs
The ability to explain the cost of items in relation to your services, makes the customer more prone to spending their money with you and subsequently increasing their package/bundle size

Keep in mind, that EVERYTHING is NOT for EVERYONE!

Maintain dedicated content for every customer segment

Price appropriately

High end/luxury items are about value, experience and customization. Research the market to avoid setting prices too high or too low

Always thank your client and promote!
You’re only as good as your last job


In the scope, “How To Make Money With Very Little Money”, I shared several effective tips that will get you outta frat “Broke Phi Broke”!

• Find related service providers through the “Relative 10”

Offer presales on your products and services, to your target audience

• Post content that’s hot in the streets

Build your list


 In Part 2 of “How To Make Money With Very Little Money”, I conveyed more tried and true strategies...

Listen to your audience
See what your audience is commenting and posting about
Look at reviews for products similar to yours, and offer what others don’t

Create new ideas for physical products, bundles,
and upsells, then begin tracking 

Give 3 benefits and 3 values about your product when launching

• Market the announcement and plan your content

• Maintain a system of 80% content, 20% offers

• Create instructional videos on how to use your products


In “5 Pricing Strategies That Can Dramatically Boost Sales”, I demonstrated how to work your pricing structure

Use price anchoring to move merchandise

• Figure out your customer

• Use “Framing” as a price strategy

• Allow installment payments

• Incorporate “Bundling” if you’re a service or digital provider
It’s a great way to add value to customers/clients and get a quick influx of money

Give customers what they want, and slide in what they may need

End prices with the number “9”
Humans are psychologically conditioned to respond favorably to “9”

• Comparative/Tiered Pricing
Need 3 pricing options so people can comparison shop from you

• Create variation between your products/services to generate sales


 In the broadcast, “10 Bad Habits That Stop You From Succeeding”, I kept it funky with ya’ll about how many of you are subconsciously sabotaging yourselves with:

• Overcommitting

• Fear

• Being a micromanager

• Not Following-up

• Disorganization

• Taking too much time off

• Delaying your creative process

• Not listening to your instincts

• Refusing to change your plan


In the scope, “What’s An Email Funnel, Why Do I Need It?”,
I offered information about basic funnel structure and answered some of your common questions

• Funnel
The process of getting a person from an audience member to customer

• Awareness

Part 1 of the Funnel(how people find you)

Keep several funnels for different aspects of your business

Get a platform
Kajabi & Teachable are
both comprehensive platforms

• Create great lead magnets based on frequently asked questions

Don’t make offers to a cold audience

• Create a sequence or pipeline to make automated money

Sequence: Welcome email, value added email(something people frequently ask you about), offer email


Next, I broke down the difference between Pricing Strategies and Pricing Methods in “When Is The Right Time To Review?: Raise or Lower Prices”

Pricing Strategies
Helps you close the deal

Pricing Methods
How we determine prices of our services and products

• Pricing Method Examples
1. Cost Plus Pricing
2. Competitive Pricing

• Reasons to review
1. Upon intro of a new product
2. If the cost changes
3. When the economy experiences inflation or a Recession
4. When your sales strategy or business model changes
5. When you create a product or service enhancement


In the “My Price Is My Price: How To Get People To Pay Premium Prices”, I told you all…

• Avoid marketing to the wrong people

• Don’t underprice your products/services or they’ll be viewed as subpar

• Focus on being different and unique

• Seek those that will find the most value in your products

• People will pay premium prices for things that seem more valuable

• Create perceived value
1. Story and packaging
2. Extra level of service
3. Premium experience

• Educate the consumer about your product and how it works

Be honest and confident about your goods

• Highlight the features of your product/service that provide what they need

• Your product, skills, portfolio must validate the pricing

• Showcase your achievements, work, certifications, credentials

Ask questions, listen, and make the customer feel comfortable 
Effectively convey your remedy for their pain point


In “My Price Is My Price” Part 2,
I shared additional common sense rules…

Make it easy for people to pay you
1. Offer payment plan options
2. Keep various payment processing platforms

• People will buy from you, simply because they like you
You are your own best rep!

• People are willing to pay more if you offer expedited services

• Great brand reputation goes a long way


And I closed out September by sharing “The Truth About How I’ve Done $128,657 In Social Media Sales This Month”

• Infrastructure and consistency is key
Can be easy to make money once, but to do it consistently is the goal

• Maintain a monthly goal

• Necessities when monetizing social media:
1. Create a power bio w/an accolade
2. Convey how you add value/help people
3. Share a fact that humanizes you and makes you relatable
4. Find your audience/define your Archetype(learn their age, income, lifestyle, profession, education level)               

*this also allows you to develop suitable copy for them

• Build your list
It’s how you build relationships with your audience and also a great way to develop your products and services

• Remember that it’s a process
People need to be exposed to something 7 to 14 times before they purchase it

• Be consistent
Nurture your relationships and build your Know, Like & Trust factor.
You can start today and six months from now, make $50,000!


Now that you’re all caught up for September, I hope you all are already crushin' October!

Remember, Oct 7th is the last day to register for Wealth Camp.  Trust me, you don’t wanna miss it.  
















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