7 Ways to Use Periscope for Business

Why should you be using Periscope for business? Periscope is a platform in which you can communicate or interact with people in real-time. With Periscope you are able to create a "know like and trust" factor faster than you would be able to with any other platforms. Also with Periscope, you don’t have to run an ad to get people to see your broadcast or have it show up on the map. Periscope is unlike any other platform. It gives you the ability to connect to people all over the world without sending or receiving friend request.


  1. Behind the scene 

Periscope is an amazing way to take people behind the scenes while you do what you do best. For example, if you own a boutique, you can show people what it looks like when your shipments come in, how things are put on the shelves or even what it’s like dressing the mannequins in your store. You can take a step further when dressing the mannequin by asking your audience what outfits you should put the mannequins or what accessories should be used.


  1. Tutorials

Periscope is awesome for tutorials. Your tutorials don’t necessarily have to be educational. You can do a tutorial on anything. If you have an awesome product you can show the people watching how it works, or you can show people how you order packages, or even how you create your own cell phone case. Let’s say you make cell phone cases. During your tutorial you just take your audience through the steps of decorating and putting together a phone case and explain how you get the case to seal and all those sorts of types of things. If you like to paint for a hobby, you can use Periscope and give people a tutorial on how you prepare your canvas and even let them do it with you. The possibilities are endless.


  1. Live Events

Periscope makes it ridiculously easy for you to showcase a live event. One of the companies that I own is an Event Design and Production Company. Therefore from time to time I will actually use periscope to w take people with me while I’m doing an event. I’ll show you guys behind the scenes when we’re setting up, and I always show you guys the finished room and all the people partying. If it’s a wedding, I may show you the first dance. I like to show you the food and everything that goes along with an event. You can also do a live event on your own. Scope something like you hosting a Q&A. You can promote it by saying something like “My Q&A will be live on Periscope this coming Wednesday. Whatever you want to do you can turn it into a full-scale event using Periscope.


  1. Exclusive Offer

 Periscope is a lot of fun. The people are very loyal and we’re able to have a good time together. It’s an awesome idea to offer something specifically to the people who support you on periscope. I’m talking about an exclusive offer just for the people who watch your scopes. This is a really a good way to show your appreciation. If the offer is really good then guess what people will do? They will share it on twitter, invite other people to watch your live broadcast and tell other people about the offer so that their friends can take advantage of it too. In my case, sometimes I do a free consultation to help people with their business exclusively for the people who follow me on Periscope. Maybe you can do a buy one get one free or offer free shipping. Anything you want to offer that is exclusively for your audience on Periscope will always be appreciated.


  1. You can Build your list quickly

As I mentioned before you are able to quickly build your know like and trust factor on Periscope because you’re taking people with you everywhere you go. This platform has given me the ability to relate with you all or share common experiences with you on a regular basis. Therefore, you may decide that you like me a little bit more and you can trust me a little bit more. Pericope has allowed us to build a loving relationship and an environment where I can offer my products or offer my lead magnet to you over and over again. Using Periscope, I was able to put 50 people on a list everyday Without spending money on ads. I also didn’t have to create anything special or pay for a boost post. Periscope is a lot easier to use than other platforms for list building and it works quickly. So I encourage you to take advantage of being able to communicate and talk with your audience and meet new people daily.


  1. Amazing way to Build or Find a Community or a Tribe

Some of you are trying to get exposure; maybe you are a musician or a songwriter. Periscope is really a great way to build a community full of people who are interested in what you are interested in. Maybe some of you are make up enthusiast like me. I love makeup and I’m part of several people’s makeup tribes and communities here on Periscope. I love seeing what these guys and gals are doing with their foundation, contouring and lips. I’m also part of couple of fitness tribes because I like seeing the workouts and obviously people who are a part of my community are interested in business because I get on Periscope and teach people how to build their businesses. I teach people how to create product or how to run ads on social media. The amazing thing about Periscope is not ONLY can you build a community or a tribe but you can also become a member of different communities or tribes. It’s easier to find these different groups here on Periscope.


  1. The ability to Network

The amazing thing about Periscope is that you never know who’s watching, you never know who you’re going to meet, and you never know who you’re going to be able to connect with. Through Periscope, I’ve been able to collaborate with so many people on different projects. I’ve been offered radio interviews, televisions interviews, got a magazine write-up all from people on Periscope. I’ve been able to be a part of charitable events and philanthropic projects because people on Periscope have reached out to me and saying “hey this is what I’m working on can you help me get the word out about this” and I can say “yes I can help you get the word about that and I can help you fundraise for this and generate some revenue let’s start doing it right now.” It is just such an amazing feeling knowing I’ve been able to meet people over the place and network with them without leaving the house.


Periscope has allowed us to be able to network and build real relationships and really take businesses to the next level. I would really encourage you guys to get on Periscope. Even if you’re thinking about starting a business or don’t have a product or service I think you should just get on Periscope just to network and meet new people. You will be amazed with the number of opportunities that many people have been able to garner from using this app and it’s amazing because it can all happen so quickly. If you are genuine and stay consistent I guarantee it won’t take a year to build your network or tribe on Periscope.

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