Not only did our partnership with Google make our already epic event, SEISMIC--but Rolling Out magazine was also present to document the occasion and did an additional feature article on "The King"! Click here to read article. Rolling Out Magazine features King Ashley Ann

Four days of strategy, execution and inspiration made this our most preeminent Wealth Camp to date!  We kicked things off getting schooled  BY Google AT Google!  Yes, THE GOOGLE!  The web/media giant, featuring team member Justin Dawkins, facilitated on site business verifications and Google Suite registrations, along with trainings on Adwords/Adwords Express, and Google 1st page placement.  Justin also dropped jewels about the importance of creating compelling content and the complex journey of the tech and social media consumer.

Master storyteller, author, and comedian Kim Coles, inspired us with chronicles of yesteryear that demonstrated what she calls the "4 C's" of a good story/brand message--Challenge, Choice, Consequence, and Conclusion.  She reminds us that our childhoods and experiences(be they good or bad) inform our NOW.  And in order to remain authentic, we must transmute prior challenges into new possibilities for ourselves and others.

MediaBlackoutUsa Founder and Instagram growth wiz, Anderson Belgrove, motivated Campers with his profound social media offering.  He shared his exclusive list of preferred promotional pages on IG, offered IG ad specials to WC attendees, and shared tips for operative correspondence with influencers.  Mr. Belgrove revealed his strategic campaign of audience engagement and riveting content, that amassed a combined IG following of over 800K in less than 12 months.   

Nikita B. electrified with her signature "money message"! The creative Entrepreneur and orator, counseled WC attendees on ads and media kit development, email/inquiry protocol, speaking engagement procurement and shared key topics that get you booked! She additionally created the list of "125 Things A VA Can Do For You", providing Campers with the tools to efficiently employ a Virtual Assistant.  

Cici Gunn demonstrated to Wealth Campers how she became the "Six Figure Chick"!   Providing extensive training on the development and management of an Instagram empire, Cici illustrated how she built 3 massive IG profiles and generated over 500K in sales this year alone.  She also shared lucrative lead generation and conversion tactics and formulated engaging Call-To-Actions(CTA's) with our guests.

At the Camp's denouement, attendees were treated to an invigorating spiritual retreat!  Intuitive Life Coach Mama Louise, facilitated positive life affirmations, while Kim Coles, Nikita B., and myself shared insights on effective work/life balance, networking, and a host of other intimate vital affairs. 

Consequently, having executed a fruitful event of this magnitude has strengthened my resolve!  Wealth Camp all began as a vision, a vision to improve lives and help aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs that needed a hand up--the same way I did years ago.  To have now realized that goal, earned a coveted Google partnership, and multiple magazine/press features, is truly a pivotal moment in my life.  And quite honestly, the proudest moment in my career!







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