*Build your business around what you already know how to do.


Is there's something that you're really great at? What are things that you've been doing naturally since where a child? Those things are your gifts. They are a more than just your talent they're second nature to you.


*You need to come up with an investment schedule.


I need you to write down a plan. It doesn’t have to be anything major. It should be something like when I get my first client I'm going to buy my business cards. When I get my first client I'm going to take this money and finish up my website. I'm going to take the money from two or three clients and use it to take this workshop, so I can improve my skills. It’s imperative to figure out what you're going to do with your money before you get it.


*Don’t spend money on unnecessary


What do I mean by unnecessary expenses? Let's say for example there's some really amazing cool-looking business cards maybe...

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Facebook losses $100 Billion in a Single Day

According to washingtonpost, Facebook’s stock have dropped down by more than $100 billion in just a single day on Thursday July 26. Making it the biggest loss of a company in U.S stock market history.


It was said that due to the Facebook’s increased focus on user privacy, executives warned that revenue growth would slow down resulting in plunging shares. (by 19 % on that same day.)


After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has been focusing on “putting privacy first” which means less spam and less ads which caused investors to panic, especially those companies who’s revenue is strongly depended on ads.


Also according to Forbes – the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has dropped from fourth to seventh on the list of richest people in the world.


Large losses are common in the tech industry. For example on September 22, 2000, Intel has also lost over $90.74 billion. Also earlier that year Microsoft lost over $80...

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The new Features in Linktree

Uncategorized Jul 27, 2018

As we all know is a free tool in which it optimize our social media traffic specifically Instagram and Periscope. You’ll get one bio link to house all the content you’re driving your followers to. It lets your content live longer than the feed. By using Linktree you get these basic features:


  • You are able to get unlimited links on your linktree
  • See the total number of times each link has been clicked
  • You get to pick from a selection of linktree themes



But now, Linktree offers a PRO account, which gives you more features and functionalities. If you really wanted your link to work harder then getting a PRO account is beneficial. For ONLY $6 a month you get to enjoy the following features:


Priority Link

For links that you don’t want your followers to miss. Make it stand out with Priority Links.


Email Signups

Integrate with Mailchimp and gain subscribers directly from your linktree.


Custom Fonts

What’s your...

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7 Ways to Use Periscope for Business

Why should you be using Periscope for business? Periscope is a platform in which you can communicate or interact with people in real-time. With Periscope you are able to create a "know like and trust" factor faster than you would be able to with any other platforms. Also with Periscope, you don’t have to run an ad to get people to see your broadcast or have it show up on the map. Periscope is unlike any other platform. It gives you the ability to connect to people all over the world without sending or receiving friend request.


  1. Behind the scene 

Periscope is an amazing way to take people behind the scenes while you do what you do best. For example, if you own a boutique, you can show people what it looks like when your shipments come in, how things are put on the shelves or even what it’s like dressing the mannequins in your store. You can take a step further when dressing the mannequin by asking your audience what outfits you should put the mannequins or...

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3 Ways to Generate Quality Leads

A lot of times we get inquiries and calls but we get frustrated because we can't get people who are willing to actually pay our price. I am here to give you guys the three real-life methods you can use generate better leads today.


  1. List yourself in quality online market places


List yourself in quality online market places. Once you get your business listed on a few quality online market places, more people will be able to see you and your prices then start to book you. It may take sometime to find a quality online market place for your industry but once you get yourself listed you should get at least 15 quality leads per month.  Before you pay to have yourself listed on any market place do a little research and make sure the marketplace has a good caliber of clientele. It is better to get a fewer inquiries from people who can actually afford your services rather than getting  200 inquiries from broke people. It is also time-consuming set up a consultation...

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3 Major Steps to Choose or Create a Major Online Money Maker

  • First Step: Targeting.


You must know your audiences. The goal is to find people who are interested in your product.   you're looking for people who have experience in a particular area or they want to gain experience. You're looking for people who are in a particular age group or live in a specific location. You are looking for people who may have purchased a product similar to the one you sell or a product that correlates with your product or service in the past or they are about to purchase something that correlates with it in the near future. You do not want to do a mass marketing  because you will end up broke. Remember, not everyone is your customer or client. You need to determine you is your product or services for.


  • Second Step: Evaluate Your Product.


There are two very important questions you should not asking. First is how does your product work? And second, why would someone need it or want it? Use the answers to these questions...

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  • Learn your client’s names

Learn your client’s names, and when you see them greet them by their name. The reason why this is so effective is because 95% of people who are in business are not doing it. If you want people to spend a large amount of money with you the least, you can do is learn their name. Greeting a client by name makes them feel important and lets them know that you value their business. Think about it, If your spending large amounts of money with a company the least they can do is learn your name.


  • Remember Repeat Orders

Sometimes you get customers that order the same thing all the time.  Imagine how nice you feel when walk in somewhere and the person behind the counter knows exactly what you want. Always try your best to remember stuff about your clients. Like any type of repeat order, or any type of order variation of a repeat order.  It will help you a lot when it comes to upselling.  People buy based off of how they feel. If...

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10 Bad Habits That Stop You From Succeeding

There are a lot of bad habits that are keeping the majority of you from succeeding. The Key to stopping a bad habit is to admit that we do it and it’s a problem. Now, let’s talk about the Top 10 bad habits that stop us from succeeding. These are ten bad habits that should be we should stop not tomorrow, not next week but right now.


  1. Over committing


I know many of you guys are guilty of this habit. Committing to too many things will sometimes make you miss important details and make you seem flakey and unreliable to the people you’ve committed to.  Stretching yourself to thin will start to become exhausting, frustrating and my lead to depression and anxiety. If you look up and all of a sudden you're not getting things done and the things that are getting done are subpar or below standard you may have a problem over committing.  If over committing is an issue for you before you say yes and agree to something stop and think. How much time is...

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7 Easy Things you can do to Increase your Landing Page Conversion

Before we begin, let’s talk about why a landing Page is important. Landing pages are awesome because 9 out of 10 times they will start producing income before your website will. Why? Because a landing page greatly decreases the number of steps your customers have to take when it comes in order to purchase your goods or services. They typically take less time to load. As you know time is money and customers don’t want to take time to search your website, which loads slower by the way and has a lot of menus. A landing page is a page straight forward and direct. When someone sees your ad on line or via email they will clicked it and be directed straight to the product or service they are interested in. If you want to quickly make money online, then a landing Page is the key. My favorite landing page builder is, I really love this online software because it’s beautiful, it works great, and it is mobile friendly. Instapage is also pretty dope it...

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How to get people to buy your stuff during a Holiday weekend?


People are expected to spend their money during holidays like Independence Day, Labor Day and Black Friday sale. After all the holidays are for are partying and shopping so it’s natural to expect that your sales will increase, especially if they know that there’s a holiday sale. So why not take advantage of the fact that people are willing and ready to spend their money.


1.  Identify your product


You need to focus on one product. You don't need to sell many products even if you have an online boutique or bundles you must focus on one product for example; scarfs only, wigs only or shoes only. If your business is serves based, then pick one particular service. A lot of you are having difficulty in making sales because you’re trying to sell a lot of products all at once. When you sell online via social media, a landing page, website, or any other online store you typically have between 3 to 7 seconds to connect customers to whatever it is that you...

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