3 Ways to Generate Quality Leads

A lot of times we get inquiries and calls but we get frustrated because we can't get people who are willing to actually pay our price. I am here to give you guys the three real-life methods you can use generate better leads today.


  1. List yourself in quality online market places


List yourself in quality online market places. Once you get your business listed on a few quality online market places, more people will be able to see you and your prices then start to book you. It may take sometime to find a quality online market place for your industry but once you get yourself listed you should get at least 15 quality leads per month.  Before you pay to have yourself listed on any market place do a little research and make sure the marketplace has a good caliber of clientele. It is better to get a fewer inquiries from people who can actually afford your services rather than getting  200 inquiries from broke people. It is also time-consuming set up a consultation only to find out that at the end of the day they’re not going to book you.  So lets save time and energy by choosing a quality marketplace.


  1. Get a preliminary questionnaire


Once you get an email inquirie it’s  a great idea to send them your preliminary questions. Preliminary questions are important because they will tell you what product or service you need to pitch to them. I cannot tell you how many times someone has sent me an email saying “ how much is your service” If you get a similar question just let the person inquiring know that you cannot give them a price quote on your services because everybody needs something different. Then send them over your preliminary questions.  Example, in the event planning industry there are different prices depending on the number of guests, decor, venues, and location. Because these factors are always shifting and changing depending on the client it would be a foolish mistake to just quote somebody a random price. When you send the preliminary questions, ask as much information related to the event or the services they want from you.  Make sure to ask them about their budget because the budget will dictate everything about what type of service you can offer them. Be realistic. Once you get the budget and preliminary questions back this is the time to give an honest description  of the services you can provide.  Your customer will appreciate your honesty and you will save yourself a headache.  Make sure you do not quote them a price before they answer the preliminary questions because you don't know what they want and the last thing  you want to do is look like a liar or paint yourself into a corner. What if the price you quote is too low or too high? So make sure you let them answer your preliminary questions.


  1. Blog or write as a contributor


When people see that you've been featured in magazines, blogs and podcasts you will be noted as an authority or an expert. Establishing yourself as an expert will give you the ability to charge a higher price for your services.  Take advantage of every opportunity to do a guest blog, contribute to a magazine or be on local tv, because becoming an expert or thought leader in your industry will work wonders for your business and it will change the type of clientele that books your services.


So that's it. Those are the 3 tips that can help you generate quality leads. For more business tips and social media sales strategy visit KingAshleyAnn Tips and blogs.

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