7 Easy Things you can do to Increase your Landing Page Conversion

Before we begin, let’s talk about why a landing Page is important. Landing pages are awesome because 9 out of 10 times they will start producing income before your website will. Why? Because a landing page greatly decreases the number of steps your customers have to take when it comes in order to purchase your goods or services. They typically take less time to load. As you know time is money and customers don’t want to take time to search your website, which loads slower by the way and has a lot of menus. A landing page is a page straight forward and direct. When someone sees your ad on line or via email they will clicked it and be directed straight to the product or service they are interested in. If you want to quickly make money online, then a landing Page is the key. My favorite landing page builder is Leadpages.net, I really love this online software because it’s beautiful, it works great, and it is mobile friendly. Instapage is also pretty dope it has more basic pages and offers 30-day free trial. It is also mobile friendly and is very easy to use. Now that you know what a Landing Page and where to get one. Let me give you the 7 easy steps you can do to increase your landing page conversion.


1. People do business with who they trust

People will start talking about you as soon as they hear about your business, especially when you are using social media, Google ads or Facebook ads. Typically, you will need to be exposed to your audience between 7 and 14 times before you get people to buy your products or services. Therefore, you need to gain the trust of those buyers before they buy your products.

If customers cannot relate to you then they will not trust you or your company. Which means they're not going to buy anything or do business with you either. If you have a picture on your social media post or ad, you should put the same picture somewhere on your landing page so people will know they are in the right place. Same goes with your company logo, your brand name, or the product name. You have to make sure that the picture and logo are easily visible on your landing page.

Another good way to increase the trust factor is by adding a note stating that you promise not to sell any of their information to anyone. You need to do something to let your visitors know that your landing page is safe. You will see that conversion will increase just by helping people feel safe and comfortable while you gain their trust.


2. Headline should explain your offer

A Headline and A call to action are two different things. Your Headline explains the offer while a call to action is a request for the customer or client to do something for example say "click here to join me" or something like that. Your headline should not be lengthy. It should be something that best explain or describe your offer. It’s best if you use 5 or less words in your headline. But it’s no big deal if you have to use more than 5 words but please keep it short and to the point. Some people will actually buy your products just by reading your headline and not by reading the entire body of your page.


3. Repetition

Whatever verbiage you used in your Facebook or Instagram or any cpc ad you should use should be the same verbiage on your landing page. I’m going to say it again. Whatever headline you used in your Facebook or Instagram ad you should make sure to use the same head line for your landing page. Congruency and repetition are in line with "don’t like interest factor" so it really helps with getting more conversion of your landing page.


4. Focus on one product

A Confused mind is indecisive.

A confused mind will usually say "NO" because it’s not clear and does not understand. The same goes with a landing page. You should keep the language and font plain. The goal is to be extremely clear about your offer. DO NOT try to offer several things on the page. You can offer different groupings or variation of the service or product but you should typically focus on one product or one offer on your landing page. NEVER try to throw a lot of products or services on the same page because your target buyer might get confuse and will not know what's going on. So, the same things I told you on my previous blog (How to get people to buy your stuff during a Holiday weekend?) YOU NEVER WANT TO CONFUSE PEOPLE about the products you offer.


5. Make your call to action standout

A lot of people have a mistake with their call to action setup. Most people use a small or a very tiny call to action button on their page. Whatever you want people to do on your page make it large. MAKE YOUR CALL TO ACTION LARGE so that everyone will notice it. Big Green buttons, Big Orange Button, Big Red buttons do well because they trigger different emotions in people and will make them want to buy. There’s nothing wrong with an oversized button. Here’s another tip, use contrasting color on your page. Use colors that will coordinate with the button on your page and at the same time make it standout. Making it easy to find will help you increase conversion.


6. Add some social proof

Testimonial, text message, video messages, Direct messages, and screenshots really work well. People will try to find legit testimonials about the product therefore screenshots really do well and the same goes for testimonials via video. You can also link your social media pages to your page also giving people the ability to let people do social sharing via Facebook, twitter or Instagram go for it!

7. Photo on your landing page

You need to have a photo that will represent your product or services on your landing page. If you don't have any photo then you can create a graphic for your products and services. Having a photo or graphic on page increases perceive value. People want to see where they spend their money too. So having a video or a photo to represent whatever it is you’re selling will help with conversion. If your new to creating graphics then I recommend trying Canva, Photoshop or words swag. Using a good graphic will definitely help increase your conversion rate.

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