It is time to develop a system for how to convert your new leads into buyers. First you need to prepare intake questions for your discovery calls. Use intake questions to learn more about these new leads and qualify them. We need to find out how quickly they want to start the offer. Leads that want to get started soon are more likely to convert over to clients.

It’s important to make sure that they are the person who cuts the check. It’s pointless to go through a discovery call with somebody who is not authorized to make the payment.

During your discovery call find out what they’ve already tried in the past to remedy their problem or meet their needs. This is going to help you pitch the part of your product or service that helps them fix their problem. Ask what they already tried and what their experience was. Highlight the benefits of your offer and how it will help them. Ask them what has been there biggest challenge in finding a remedy and why do they think that you can help them out. This will help people be more open to your products and services.

Remember, you sell by listening! If you are a good listener they will tell you what they want, what they are looking for, what will make them buy. They will tell you exactly what they want to know and what is going to help them move over into the client zone.

I like to offer tripwires, because even if someone they know may have personally endorsed you, the new leads don’t know you yet. If you want to offer something amazing that’s too good to be true consider offering a tripwire, a free trial or low-cost trail. Once someone excepts my tripwire I like to follow up by offering a low-cost product.

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