What makes successful social media ads today? In order to make sure everything is about “prosperity over popularity”, and that we are building strategic audiences and actually building buying basis, I thought it was appropriate to talk about the parameter.


I have several clients who only have a thousand really good, active followers that follow and engage with them on social media. And they can make $30,000 to $100,000 a year, depending on the product or service and the price point. The key is quality and not quantity, really showing up every day, and being able to connect and build relationships with your audience members. Many times when we're building new audience members, we have to make sure that we're opening the door or creating the path to be able to create a relationship with a follower from the start. That even includes whenever you see them or they see you on that community page, influencer page, or complementary products or services page.



Content is King, but Kim Cole says something very interesting, but true. “If content is king, consistency is queen and you need both of them to go together, hand in hand”. In order to be consistent when we are creating our ads, we need to look at the pages we want to promote on. We also need to pay attention to the style, fonts, and the types of images used by the page owner, and try to determine if more people are responding. Look at the day that they're posting and engagement and the type of references they're using. Notice if they like short-copy, long-copy, or one-words. Look for anything that you can learn about that specific page when you create your content for their page, or on someone else's page. It doesn’t need to match the page, but it does need to be similar. You want to be able to catch people's attention and draw on their interests, but you also want to make sure that they're going to want to consume the content that you put there.


Now, if someone has already built an audience and/or community, it makes no sense for you to come in and try to disrupt their system. Their audience has already said, this is how I consume information. Although it does take a little work sometimes, it would be beneficial if you switched up your style and modified the content that you're putting out there for that particular page. It’s your job to make sure you act accordingly when you're inside of their community. Once they get to your page, you can do whatever you want, however, when you’re on someone else's page, you should act accordingly. This is why a lot of times people drop ads on people's pages or do influencer ads and get angry when they don't work. In all actuality, 90% of the time, it’s not like that the ads don’t work, or that they’re a waste of money. The page owner is real. The problem is You. It’s because you're trying to push something on their audience in a way, or a format that their audience does not want to consume information. They like surface-level information. Eventually, they may want to get dig deeper, but, if someone can't process what you're telling them, there's no way they're going to see it as beneficial for them. They may hang out with you but, they're definitely not going to spend money with you.


I placed one of these ads, but it wasn’t a total bomb. I acquired like 6 or 7, really, really good clients from that ad, just because they understood what I was saying. They were like, “Oh, she knows her stuff”. So, I went back onto the page and I said, let me do something a little lighter. I went to the page and gave very general, easy to consume information in that second ad. I also gave “Three tips that will help you build up buyers on social media”.  I didn't break down about funnels. I didn't talk about processes. I didn't go into systems. I didn't say anything about automation. I didn't get that deep. I just kept it real-life from that 1 post, on the same page, with the same group of people, because I modified my content to match theirs. From that, I picked up around 7,000 people, and out of that 7,000, about 1500 of them bought things from me within a 24-hour period. That ad was super successful because I was able to make like $7,500 in 24 hours.


Again, whenever you are running these ads, you need to do research on the page and look at how their audience, is used to consuming information.  Many times, they have things they can transition through five or six different pages. Sometimes you have to make modifications as you go from one community to the next. Many people think ads just don't work. Social media ads, don't work. Google ads don't work. YouTube ads don't work. They work. You just aren’t doing it right. I'm probably the first person that's brave enough to tell you. Does this apply to artists and performers? Yes it does if we are creating for their community and for their page.


The second big parameter you need to remember when you go into these different communities and pages, and there's an offer or something, people don't like to be sold to. Typically, no one wants to be sold to buy something especially by one that they don't even know or that they just met. You're interrupting their viewers lives, right? They're on their Instagram or Facebook account enjoying their day and double-tapping, liking, commenting, and sending inbox messages. And then here's your ad. They didn't ask for your ad. A lot of them are not going to care about who you are. People typically need to be exposed to things 7 - 14 times before they feel comfortable enough to buy. That means I can't just walk up to you and say, “Hey, my name is Ashley. And give me a hundred dollars.” or “Hey, my name is Ashley. Can I get $17?”. It doesn't work that way. You don't know me yet. You don't trust me. You don't know if I'm really legit or not. You don't know if I really know my stuff. Right? It’s the same thing with you all and of your companies, people don't know yet. They just met you. Therefore, I would encourage you to create content for the page and then invite people to come and follow you. Only then, can you catch attention, make sure someone's interested, and start calling out your specific niches.

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