Ways To Not Waste Money On Facebook Ads Part 3

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2020

Narrow your audience. I was running ads for, at least two years before I figured this out. Your numbers matter! While you're putting an ad together on Facebook, if you look at the right side, it always tells you how many people the ad is going to reach. 


At one point, I had been taking a lot of webinars and courses and signed up for subscription programs and other things like that. Then I started getting interested in drop-shipping. Have any of you ever been to like a drop-in presentation? Well, all these different people teach drop-shipping, and they're like, "Look at this!", "There are 28 million people who fit this demographic". "You're never gonna run out of customers." It made sense to me at the time because it sounded logical and because I didn't know any better, but that's not how it truly works. When you have an audience that is filled with over about 5 million people, you're going to have a very hard time making sales. This is not just a job. This is drop-shipping...This is hosting a live event... This is something trying to get someone into your restaurant or store... This is trying to get someone into your doctor's office... This is trying to get a person to buy your candles, or hats that you knit, or whatever it is that you're selling. You could be an institution, a beautician, it doesn't matter whenever your audience is that huge. It's almost like it's almost the equivalent of you going outside and taking a dart and just throwing it out there and hoping it lands on something. 


I would prefer that whenever you plan on doing a broad targeting and testing out a new audience, to focus on how relevant the ad is if you're trying to get your CPC down and have a great CTR (Anywhere around 2 - 5 million is very good.) I'm running an ad right now. It targets 1.5 million people on Facebook and 750,000 on Instagram. That's a pretty high niche for my target audience for this particular set of ads. However, there are some things that I don't run to broad targets. I have ads right now. Sometimes they only run to like 15,000 - 20,000 people that I'm looking for. Narrowing your audience is a great way to not waste money on Facebook ads. 


When you run ads for people to watch you on Periscope, how do you track results? That is going to be the length that you use. You can create a custom link (like a subdomain if you use a bit link), or sometimes you can run an ad and watch the number of people who come and subscribe to you. We're thinking about doing a page, because, thanks to Twitter you can take your parent anywhere. You can embed both Twitter and Periscope's code. So, we're thinking about doing just like a constant stream, and that way we can track viewers by sending people over so they don't have to add anything, they can just go to the page and watch it.


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