Ways To Not Waste Money On Facebook Ads Part 1

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2020

Once you know your audience, you don't have to test, but in the beginning, you don't know your audience yet. Therefore, you need to always test your audience. I mean always. You shouldn't spend more than $5 a day when you're testing your audience. $15 should be what it is. a maximum of $5 a day for three days. Sometimes the ads flop within the first 24 hours and you don't have to run the ad for the other two days, but you need to get in the habit of testing audiences and images, copy and testing the landing pages, and all those things before you go run a full-fledged ad. A lot of times, I'll see people that say, "You know, I spent a hundred dollars on my Facebook ad and it didn't work" and I think to myself, "Why did you even spend a hundred dollars on the ad?" It's simply because you've never been taught to test the ad. So always test your ad first. Even changing up the age groups will amaze you. 

When I first started testing for "No Skinny Girls Allowed" (I keep picking on "No Skinny Girls Allowed", because this is my newest Shopify store that I started), I was extremely surprised by the actual age groups that responded to the clothing (The ones that were purchasing and clicking and going over and buying). I segmented and separated the age groups and found out that it was younger girls or women who were in their mid-thirties or early forties that were buying. I was able to figure this out because I would run the same ads to the same audience, only changing the age groups. Then I would reduce my age group segments. Many of you would say I'm targeting people who are 25 to 55. Well, that's a really big age segment so you should try to get more specific and see who's really into it, and who's not. 


Once you get the age and physical location figured out (country, state, etc.), you can start testing different copy, language, images, or things like that video, to see what they respond to or not. That's a great way for you to avoid wasting a lot of money on your ads. In testing, it's best to change one thing at a time to see what works. "Ads" aren't always the best name for them, but it works in most cases, especially if you're just starting with Facebook ads or if you've been doing ads and you haven't been having good results. 


My goal is to try to make sure I'm not wasting money. I don't like wasting money or traffic. For example, one of the things I found out when I looked at the analytics, was 85% of people visited my pages for the first time from mobile devices. Out of that 85%, 75% of those people were Android users. They're only using Android and iOS, so if I wanted to be a real big stickler, I would run a mobile ad. I would also exclude people who have iOS devices since the majority of the people that are going to my pages and buying things are Android users. What's that about? I have no idea because I don't sell anything related to technology at all. Maybe it's a way we think, or the colors, or things that we like, or our systems, or the way we process things in our minds. 


If you're doing location and want to start segmenting, you can start isolating different characteristics during testing so you can figure out where it works better. 




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