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Uncategorized Feb 15, 2021

Content - Everyone always talks about content, but they never tie the bow on it. They tell you guys that it has to be value-driven, period. Okay, well, 80% of your content needs to be value-driven. 80% of it needs to focus on your content buckets and the overall brand and messaging of your page. Let me break this down a little bit more to help you understand exactly what I'm saying. When you're out here in the social media streets, we are looking to convert. Some of you are looking to be popular, which is why you're not making any money. Popularity does not equate to prosperity. I have clients right now who have under 2000 followers and they are literally making between $150k to $225,000 a year, just from Instagram, not Facebook, not Pinterest, not the offline work they're doing. This is just strictly from Instagram because they understand this concept.


Your content has to be value-driven. When you're building your page, I always tell people to think of 3 - 5 things you want your audience to feel when they come to your page, that's going to provide all of the content. Literally, every piece of content is going to be driven by who we are serving and how we want them to feel when they come to our page. For example, me. I want my audience to feel empowered. I want you to feel like I can do this. I want you to feel educated. That’s why I do a lot of teaching, training, and tutorials, and stuff like that for you.


Even right now, breaking down this information, I want you all to feel motivated, inspired, and bright. So you see me post a lot of affirmations, “You can do it”,  and positive reinforcements and things like that. I want you to feel happy, so we normally have a pretty good time here. I also post a lot of dance videos and many times I'm dancing on my broadcast. That's what I want people to feel when they come to the page. I want you to feel activated. I want you to actually go out and execute and do things. Therefore, all of the content on my page is around that.


You don't really see me post about people's relationships or celebrity gossip. Anytime you see me posting something about a celebrity, is me posting one of their philanthropic efforts, a business venture, or a deal that they just closed. That's all I post about celebrities because that's what's a good fit for my page. You don't really see me posting about a lot of trending topics, unless they totally, completely relate to what I'm doing now. However, some of you are being caught up in being popular, and because you are living for the lights, instead of trying to really build a community and a relationship with your audience.


Trying to be popular is why you're not having success when it comes to sales with your social media. Don’t get caught up in that little trickery. 20% of what you're posting doesn't have to fit into that. I'm not saying you don't have room to be free and to socialize and to just talk about other interests and endeavors and things like that. That's what that other 20% is for. So, I’ll show you all a live stream when I'm at my nephew's birthday game, or go live when I'm in the kitchen cooking or something. That's the other 20% of my interests. It does not have anything to do with business. Do you know what I'm saying? I just want to talk to you and hang out with you all while I'm cooking in the kitchen. I might get on here and talk to you all about this date from hell that I had. That's that 20%. That’s more just building relationships, and getting to know one another. It has nothing to do with my business or with making money. When I was in Miami, I went live and we were out there smoking Luca and twerking and laughing and having a good time. And I was like, “You all turn up with us Friday night. Let's have a good time”. That had nothing at all to do with business. So there's room, right? On the other side, if I decide to, I used to post food stuff on my timeline all the time. That's just something else I'm interested in.


So you have room to put up other things, so you can learn more about your audience, and your audience can learn more about you. I'm not saying your page has to be all in your business, but I'm just saying 80% of your things should be about how you want people to feel what information you want them to get and who you're serving. It should be in the language that they can understand it. So value content. Showing people how to do things, explaining concepts and strategies, providing community space for them to be able to talk, gather express themselves, and experience nostalgia with each other. Anytime you can give a definition, a term, or even how you can talk about what's happening currently in the world, reviews, breakdown, summaries, case studies, showing people how you're making stuff, is going to affect their household or them on a day-to-day basis.


I always tell a lot of my clients that have food trucks to go live and put up reels and stuff, when they're cooking and preparing the food. They're like, “Oh my God, this works!”, and “I've had more customers this week than we've had in the whole last month”. It just works like that. You want them to come down and eat. So it can literally be like behind the scenes, special, exclusive information. If it's an inside joke or literally just thoughts. Just say you’re a thought leader who wants people to be able to come in and you want to give them a different perspective. I have clients who don't sell any products. They just review TV shows. For example, DJ Richie Sky.

I love DJ Richard Scott you all know. I love him. He invited me to do something on YouTube. DJ Richie Sky knew everything related to Real Housewives, Any of the Real Housewives, friendship, franchises, DJ Richard Sky, got your teeth. He can tell you what's going on in the blogs and what's happening. When they’re offseason, he has interviews with them. His whole thing is Housewives. Richie was not selling a product, but he is making a crapload of cash reviewing the Housewife shows. But he’s consistent in that and he provides valuable information to Housewives fans. Are you getting this? Don't think that you have to be an educator, the same way that I'm an educator.  I'm talking about business and giving strategy and tips. It has to be information that your audience wants to know, it needs to be valuable and you need to be consistent with it.

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