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Uncategorized Jan 04, 2021

In the last article, I started discussing 4 P’s of Marketing and started with 1st “P”, Pricing. Once we know we have a product we can sell, and that can compete with others in the marketplace, we move to the 2nd “P”, Promotion.

For those of you who have under 1000 people in your audience, ways you can promote for the low or free include: using Facebook Ads, using sponsored posts, rolling out email sequences, putting content inside of your stories, asking about 10-12 of your friends to post about your products and services, etc.

The 3rd “P” is going to be Place. The place is where people can buy your products. We’re on social media, so people should be able to purchase from our websites, through our inboxes, by sending them a link or clicking on a picture, maybe out of the email or something like that. This is why it was such a big deal for your product to be put in a Kroger or Walmart. Now you can keep all of your profits, by building up your own platform through promotion and selling on your own platforms, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc,... and you keep 100%, not having to do a split with anyone else. Your “place”, as it pertains to this article will be social media.

The 4th “P”, Product, is where many people struggle. There are 4 P’s and 2 S’s if we’re looking for products we’re going to sell a lot of and sell quickly:

1. Pain - If you have something that will relieve someone’s pain, they are willing to buy it, almost immediately. Whether it’s financial pain, emotional pain, physical pain... it can be something as simple as thirst pain... Let’s say you come into my store and it’s 100 degrees outside, you haven’t had anything to drink, and you need water. I have one bottle of water on the shelf, and there are 10 other people looking to get that water... I can price that bottle of water at $20, and someone will give me $20 for it. That’s supply and demand in the pain. If I have a headache, and my head is really hurting, and you’re like “I got these BC Powders” I’m going to buy them because I’m in pain. There are people who are very good spiritual and/or emotional manipulators, they prey on people.

Some of the biggest relationship gurus that you love are predators. They prey on the fact that you just went through a breakup, that you just went through a divorce, that you’re out here doubting yourself, that you think that you’re unattractive, that you can’t get a man because you’re fat, or you can’t get a man because your booty is fat... whatever your reasoning is that you have inside your mind. People are literally out here preying on this, they are saying things to emotionally pull at you just to get you to buy, because they know you’re in pain. They are trying to agitate your pain points.

It’s the same thing with those who I call “microwave marketers”. Microwave marketers are those who have never done business before, and their business is to hustle you. They prey on you, jab you, and dig up your pain points, so you can remember how defeated and stupid you feel, and how many times you failed. They bring this all up, and before you know it, you’re spending $10,000 with someone and you don’t have any proof if they can deliver the results they’re promising you. People do it all the time. It’s a cold world. I try to warn you and get you prepared because I don’t want you all to fall in the snares and pits of life, but, they are out here. There are people who don’t care about you, your money, or if you put the last of your mortgage money and put it into their program, or if you’re eating Top Ramen for the next month. They are trying to get your money and go to Boca Raton or to Jamaica or wherever. They look at you as a sucker. I don’t want you to be a sucker, but those are real life examples.

2. Problem - If there is a problem and you can solve it, you have a customer for life. It doesn’t matter what the problem is. If you’re fat, and I can tell you how to get unfat, I solved it... you like me. If your heart is broken, and I say do these 7 things and your heart is going to be unbroken, and it works... you like me. If I tell you your credit is messed up, and this is how you fix it and here or the steps, or I do it for you, and I solve it, and it works... you like me. Those are 4 categories where there is an immediate problem, and you solve that problem for the customer or client whether you tell them how to do it or you just step in and do it for them.

3. Pleasure - Anytime you can help someone get to a desired outcome. If you have a product and it’s not a dire need, you’re going to fall into this category. For example, makeup is not a dire need. Makeup is not a dire need. Nobody needs 10,000 lbs of eyeliner. Nobody needs my lashes. There’s no immediate danger. I’m not going to die without my eyelashes. It’s not a necessity, it’s a pleasure. The key to selling pleasure point products is you have to help someone get to the desired state quickly. When people come to you for pleasure stuff, they are not looking for the long-haul, they are not looking to do a lot of work, we want a quick fix if we want them to sell quickly. I can pop the eyelashes on my eyes, just like that and look totally different. It doesn’t take me long to transform my look. I can throw a wig on my head, just like that, and change it up. If you’re selling a pleasure-based product, it needs to sell quickly. These are not things people want to wait on, take a long time to put into effect, or be complicated or cumbersome. They are things that need to get me where I’m trying to go really fast.

4. Prevention - Preventative products are based out of fear or awareness. For instance, I sell an identity theft prevention service and you see on all these reports on identity theft, I’m in the category of a preventative product. Home security services are preventative products. Anti-aging products are preventative products. Preventative is about an awareness or fear, and people have to constantly know that it’s a real danger or that it’s something inevitable, so they can buy into preventing it.

5. Special Events - Let’s say you have a t-shirt shop, and your college team at home is going to the Sugar Bowl. You can print some t-shirts up really quickly to commemorate your team going to the Sugar Bowl, and you can make some cute designs and circulate them to people who live in your town or your city. That’s a special event. That’s something that’s relative to those people, it’s coming up really quickly, it’s an uncommon occurrence, and commemorative and/or a special event. So, I can send it out there and make a quick turn.

6. Seasonal - Christmas, Valentines day, Mother’s day, Winter... Seasonal works with the holidays that are coming up in a nation, a country, or whatever part of the world you’re in. Seasonal stuff is another easy way to make a quick come-up or a quick grab. For example, with New Years, if you have a quick product or service that you want to align with New Years as far as your marketing, that’s a really good time to do it. Those of you who do anything with transformation, vision boards, people who do things around manifestations, weight loss and gyms will find they will have a really big spike in their sales around the new year, because they’re in a state of nostalgia, everyone is reviewing what happened in their life, what they want to do moving forward, etc.

Those are the 4 P’s and 2 S’s so when we are creating products and we’re trying to find something that sells quickly, the basic thing is that it has to fall into one of those categories and it can turn a quick dollar.

I don’t think your product or service needs to be in a mega-niche in order to succeed. If you’re good at establishing that it’s one of those 4 P’s or 2 S’s, it doesn’t matter, it’s going to sell anyway, but some of you have drop-shipping storage, boutiques, or things like that and you’re trying to get them figured out. Mega-niches for 2020 (they’ve been the same for about the past 5 years) are: health, fitness, love, digital courses and content, anything around relationships, money, and business. Those are areas that sales data and trends have proved people are pumping money into those things. If you’re trying to figure out where to get started, go to one of the mega-niches. There is obviously money to be made there, that’s why people are making products there.

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