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When creating content, our job is to create posts that are going to encourage people to connect with us outside of our social media platforms. Whether that is through people joining your text messaging or email list or getting them to download your app.  The name of the game is being able to communicate with people on and off social media so that whenever you have something to share with them they will be interested.


Producing great content is key to beating Facebook and Instagram’s forever changing algorithms and advertising rules.  

a lot of other broadcasters and business owners find that their sales and engagement suffer when social media changes its rules. However it doesn’t ever really bother me because I am consistent and my content is designed to drive people to connect with me outside of social media. If I want people to know I’m gonna be at this place or I’ll be going live at this time or come and hangout with me on someone else’s page. I have a way to communicate with them that doesn’t rely on totally on social media.  I want you to be able to build systems that will allow you to do the same.

Here are some content categories that I have brought me and my clients lots of success over the past few years.  I’m not saying that these content categories are the only categories that work but they have a very high success rate.


RELATABLE CONTENT.  Relatable content is content picture or a random thought that your audience can relate to. Some awesome example of relatable content is creating a “remember when post”.

“drop an emoji if you remember the yellow pages”

Anything that your audience can relate to or has experienced once or twice.  Relatable content works best when you know your audience’s demographics. Someone who is twenty may not know what the yellow pages are much less remember using them. Another example of a good relatable post is asking  “Does anyone remember hard disk and floppy disk?" Because, before we got all fancy with our drop boxes and google drive we had the floppy disk or you had a hard disk. So that’s what I mean by “remember when post”. If you are just getting to learn your audience these types of post are a really good way to gage who what type of people they are. Sometimes, I get tons of useful information through a relatable post.  Another one of my favorite relatable post is “finish the song lyric”. It’s just posting a few lyrics to a popular song then asking my audience to finish the lyrics. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t have to be anything complex.


STORYTELLING POST. This category works because sometimes people are nosy. People love getting all “up in” other peoples   business. Your audience wants to know what’s happening in your life. A story telling post is an opportunity to be transparent and connect with your followers on a personal level. Since we live in a society where a lot of people try and create a perfect image and pretend that, everything is copacetic This is the time to set yourself apart and show people that sometimes you’re not perfect and that you can be silly. When doing a storytelling post, you can talk about where you were then versus where you are now. You can also post things like your dream or a vision, put yourself out there with your goals and your aspirations and what you’re working on and what you’re building.


DIRECT POST. A direct post is when you actually post a picture or a video, product or service . All you have to do is simply post a picture or video then put “Hey! Free course”; “Free Training”; “Free eBook”, “we sell the best toe covers in town”; whatever it is you sell or do. Just make sure your post is straight forward and direct. Also when you’re doing direct post, if you want to talk about the benefits of your product or service. Tell the people why someone would want to come to your show, event, or purchase whatever you’re selling and how they can use it to enhance their life and that sort of type of thing. You can also post a video literally showing someone how to use the product.


INFORMATIONAL POST. These are the types of post that you use to establish your page, your company and yourself as a resource. A lot of times when we are selling things whether you are selling a book or bundles or even bookkeeping services it’s important to establish yourself as an expert.  Here are some examples of different types of content that fit into that category :give people any type of statistic, give out any type of tip, if we you can even share a common mistake or pitfall and how to evade it, or you can also have a Q&A or session.


FUNNY OR ATTENTION-GRABBING POST. Everyone loves to laugh, people like to feel good and that is why a lot of comedic pages blow up so fast on Facebook and Instagram. We have to deal with serious issues on a day to day bases and sometimes you just want to laugh. So anything that is going to make people laugh or catch their attention is a really great way to direct people to your products or services or lead magnets. Examples are: image of someone making a crazy face or a body gesture then you can put a headline over it to make it relative to your company or your product or your service.  

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