5 Tricks to Sell A Bunch of Stuff Without Being Salesy Part 3

I can assure you that if you apply what you learn in this three part series that you’ll see an increase in sales. In part three we will discuss setting goals for yourself, giving notice to your audience and selling without selling. Let’s work! 


You put yourself in your customer's way when you make the mistake of trying to sell. This is what most people do. You guys can attest to this, when you have first met me, whether it came through an ad, a shout out, I targeted you or a live stream, I do not sell. I share and I teach my clients to share, not to sell. We accomplish this by putting together content that's informative, educational, entertaining or thought provoking. This type of content can answer a question for you, solve a problem, give you a perspective, etc. Create space for your audience by explaining a process, giving the steps. You can show people how to wear something by asking who wear it better or tell a joke and make them laugh. If you can do any of those things, you just increased the propensity of people coming over to follow you. Once they follow you, it's going to be a lot easier for you to get them to join your list or buy something from you, period. That's the way it works!


So what I see is a lot of people doing is running ads, ads and more ads trying to sell something. Instead of like literally thinking about problems or questions that their audience has. Think about their problems, questions and desires and share information revolved around that, that's how you're going to grow. Every time you do this, you're establishing yourself as a resource and will begin to receive requests about the products and services you offer. People will really tell you that they need your services, or need your help, or that they want to buy something from you. I'm a Testament to this. I get DM’s all the time from people telling me, they need help or went through my product catalog and are not really sure what the best fit for them is. I'm not having to chase down people down or use scare tactics, like “you better buy or you’ll be broke” like some people. Some people go into all of this other stuff instead of literally just informing, figuring out what people really want and need and putting the information in front of them to catch their attention. 

If you switch over to sharing instead of selling your sales will go up. Even if you sell retail products, showing people how to use them and the results that they get from them is a good strategy. Show how the product works and point out pain points or things that typically agitate the people searching for related results. I see people on my timeline over here showing all the other alternatives that normally don't work or that you probably tried and didn't get you the result that you wanted. So think about it, instead of selling, just share! Share whatever information, content or thought you want and include a call to action so people can connect with you or follow you. I prefer for people to follow me and then after they follow me, I like to make offers for them to join variations of lists because now they know who I am. When I was doing it the other way around, I was not getting a lot of people on my list. 


I need you to set super specific goals at the top of the month and at the top of every week, you should literally be reviewing your sales goals. Okay, you need to know how many participants or how many units of a particular product or service you're trying to move. I have my stuff broken down to daily sales. Now that's not to say that some days I'm not going to get more or some days I'll get fewer, there's kind of an average. Normally at the end of the week, I hit my goal or in most cases I exceed it! 


Now, when we talk about goal setting, people always just talk about the units or the participants that you want to buy. People forget about the other goals that you have to set to go along with it. I don't just set my goals for how many units of a product that I sell. I actually set a goal of how many emails I'm supposed to be sending, to what lists they need to be sent, to what time of day they need to be sent out. I have noticed if I can get an email out before 10:00 AM in the morning, I am going to have a higher open rate because more of my audience has a chance to see it before the day gets really hectic. Specifically, if I can get that email out in between like 07:15AM and 08:30 in the morning that my open rates are going to be like all the way up almost to like 40%, just because that's a time where a lot of you guys are not being bothered yet. You’re not being bothered by your man or your woman, your job or by your kids. You know what I'm saying? 


Some are awake and some are not, but most millennials and younger generations check their timeline first thing in the morning, on their phone before they even brush their teeth. That's just the truth. So if I can get my post up and email out, earlier in the morning, they’ll see it in their phone first thing in the morning and more people are going to open it. It is what it is! If there are more people that opened my email in the morning, then by the time five or six o’clock comes, I can resend it to the people that didn't open it. This normally gets my email open rate up anywhere another 10% to 15%. 


I like literally have goals to do things at certain times. Set a goal for yourself. If I'm sending three emails this week, I know I need to send these emails in the morning. I also know when I'm going live, if I can send out an email about 10 to 15 minutes before I actually start my livestream it’s going to work really well because I’m giving enough notice. This timeframe gives people enough time to get on, but not taking too long that they’ll forget. Now if I send an email at eight in the morning and I'm like, “I'm going live at 1 o'clock today”, I'm not going to have the same amount of turnout. 


I also have a goal with how many of my DM’s I'm trying to respond to. I know I need to be try to respond to at least a hundred DM’s every day at a minimum because that has a direct correlation on what my numbers look like at the end of the week. I've learned that. So when we get into goals, we're not just setting what we want to sell. I've given you multiple secret sauce tips on how you can get your sales up! Remember it’s all about prosperity over popularity, you can do this.

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