5 Tricks to Sell A Bunch of Stuff Without Being Salesy Part 2

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2020

Do you know how easy it is to make sales? A lot of y'all are struggling with making sales, because you're trying to make people who don't care about your product, who don't care about your service, who don't really see a value or a benefit in it buy from you. You're trying to make them see values and benefits in it. That's exhausting!


For part two of tricks to sell a bunch of stuff without being salesy, we're diving head first into my super-secret sauce technique for drawing clients and customers to you.


You really need to try and figure out what level of assistance a client or customer is looking for. Everybody does not want the same thing. Some people want DIY solutions. Some people prefer an eBook. Some people want to be in a small group. Some people want to work with you one on one. Some people want to browse on their own. Some people want a personal shopper. Especially if you have physical products, let's say for example, a boutique.


If you have a boutique, there are some people that just want to go to the site and browse around on their own, but there are some people that don't have a lot of time to do that. There are some people that don't have a lot of taste. They may tell you, “I know what I like, but I just don't know how to find it.” They may be looking for a personal shopper. So, I do this all the time with my events company, even though event design is like a service. One of the first things I always ask girls to do if they're looking for something and they have something specific in their head, I may say, is there a look that you're inspired by? Or is there something that you want to try and create for yourself? If you have a picture, you can send it to me and I’ll see what I can do. When I do my bridle clients, I say, “Send me three to five photos of events that you love. Don't worry about the price. Just send me what you like. So I can get an idea of your style and your tastes.”


We started using this method for my clients who have online boutiques and it worked wonderfully. It’s the same thing, the clients that just want to shop, will say “No, I'm just going to go over there and browse on my own.” That’s when you just simply say, okay, if you need help with something let me know. The other people that don't have the time or don't have taste are going to be so excited by this! They'll be over the moon for you to pull out items and say, “Okay, here are the tops I found for you, here are the pants I found for you, here are the dresses, here are the accessories. This is what I think you need to put together for the look to help you accomplish what you’re trying to achieve.”


A lot of times when my clients do this, their customer buys every single thing that was presented to them. What you can do is build a cart for the customer and just send them the link and let them know it’s all inside their cart and all they have to do is check out.


All right. If you're a service provider, we need to figure out if potential clients are for you. I normally ask them if they’re looking for one on one coaching, a small group, a product or a eBook? Cause when people hit me up, like “I want to work with you one on one.” I be like, “okay, I'll work with you one on one,” then we get right into the prices because you don't need to be following me, waiting for me to respond to you for a week or two weeks or four weeks or however long. It takes me to get to your message only to find out that working with me one on one was outside of your budget.


Find out if your cost is in their budget. You need to figure out exactly what people are looking for. And this is why I'm for asking what their budget is or putting the prices out there up front. So that way we all know what direction we're going in. This way you’re not actually being salesy at all, you're just being helpful. You're providing good customer service and you are genuinely trying to learn what your customers need. If we're focused on serving and trying to find what someone needs, we will find that all of a sudden we will start making a lot of sales without actually having to hustle people to buy stuff from us.


Research and put yourself in front of people who are a good fit for your audience. Look, y'all have got to stalk and chicken hawk all day long. Do you know how easy it is to make sales? a lot of y'all are struggling with making sales, because you're trying to make people who don't care about your product, who don't care about your service, who don't really see a value or a benefit in it. You're trying to make them see values and benefits in it. That's exhausting. Why are you trying to convince people? You know what I'm saying? Why are you trying to convince people that they need to listen to your podcast or come to your event or read your book, why?


Find the people who will clearly see the benefits of your offer because they already have the mindset to consume it. I know the light bulb just clicked on for somebody. Cause y'all been out here working yourself to death. I used to be guilty of the same thing. I don't even know who started this, but it's definitely been taught to me and has been taught to a lot of other people and it's wrong. But they're like, everybody's a potential customer. No, they are not. They really are not. Everybody is really not a potential customer. That’s the truth.


Don’t be out here trying to sell car wax to somebody that doesn't even have a car. They don't give a damn about no rim cleaner either, because they ain't got no rims to clean. It doesn’t make sense. I see people doing this all the time. Then turn around and put themselves in a corner because they get discouraged. All because you put yourself in a position to never win from the beginning because you were out here trying to convince someone to be a customer for you that never was designed to be a customer for you in the first place. So stalking and chicken hawking is the solution to this. Okay. Like let's really start thinking about who is using our products and services and more importantly, where they hang out. Psychographics are a lot easier to figure out then demographics.


The goal is to figure out commonalities about our audience. I'm not telling you not what I think I'm telling you what I know. Is there some type of community or group? Is there a self-identifier that they are using? This is why hashtags bring you back such good results. Now, where are they hanging out at? Like what store do they shop at? What social media pages are they on? Where are they getting pop culture or news from? What TV shows did they used to watch in their childhood? Then run an ad including that info to find more of them.


The art of stalking and chicken hawking for me was going to my client's pages and thinking about my ideal customer, like what it is that they do, what their life is like and trying to find more like them. It worked really, really good for me. Stalking and chicken hawking is how you actually get more sales without having to be salesy. 

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