5 Tricks to Sell A Bunch of Stuff Without Being Salesy Part 1

You can have all the strategies, systems and funnels all day long, but they're not going to work if you don’t know how to sell. What's going to happen is you're going to generate a bunch of leads, but you're not going to be able to close the deal.


It’s very frustrating to be talking to people, speaking to people, seeing people engage with you, people visiting your site, seeing people slide in your DM’s, having people ask you for help or people call you on the phone. But some way, somehow for some reason, you can't get it to convert into a sale. And when I speak to a lot of small business owners, a lot of them will tell me that they have a fear that they don't want to come off as pushy or salesy.


So I thought that I would start sharing some tips and tricks with you guys on how you actually sell without having to be salesy and not having to chase down clients and customers to get people to work with you.


With that being said, now how do we actually sell? I’m going to share five tricks to sell a bunch of stuff without being salesy.


I see a lot of people on social media, making the mistake of always leading with a pitch. I don't know if any of you guys in here are committing this crime right now, but I definitely know everyone in here has seen this. Y'all have seen pages and they do nothing, but post what's for sale, right? Everything is an offer or new inventory. You talk to them and they instantaneously hit you with an elevator pitch and you're like, wait homie, I was just saying hi. Now the only way that works is if you have an extensive marketing budget. And I mean, a really extensive marketing budget because people are always trying to tell me that Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Things don't create any content and they're selling millions. That’s because they have multimillion dollar marketing budgets. They are out here paying almost every influencer that has at least a hundred thousand followers. Every reality television star, tons of singers, tons of actresses, tons of TV and media personalities, and personnel to rock their clothing. Tell me, I'm telling a lie.


They are doing more traditional marketing. They are saturating the market and you see them everywhere and this is why they don't have to create content. They can just put up new inventory that's in their store and make a lot of sales. Typically a boutique may post three or four times. They're going to show you different variations on how to wear that piece or different ways that you can put those products together. And then they're going to run super retargeting ads. And they're going to share about them in their personal lives inside of their stories, to be able to make these sales. So instead of leading with a pitch, you need to work on starting conversations.


You start conversations in the comment, you start conversations through using the polls through using the ask me anything stickers, but when people slide into your DM, which they will, because they will have questions about some of your products or what exactly it is that you do, or just wanting to say hi, you can start the conversation. This is the basic template that you're going to use.

Number one, you're going to hit people with a greeting like:

“Hi, how are you?”

“Thank you.”

“I'm happy to connect with you”


Whatever you want to say. My audience knows I'm normally like “Howdy” or “Hey boo hey”.


The next thing after we hit someone with a greeting, we need to immediately go into our offer outline. You want to start with your free products or services or your lead magnet. So if you have a coupon, you start with a coupon. If you've got a checklist that eBook, whatever you got, that's free. We're going to start with the free 99 or the lead magnet. You're going to say, Hey, if you click the link in my bio, you can get a free appetizer. If you click the link in my bio, you can get free shipping or 20% off your first order or whatever. If you click the link in my bio, I have a brand new eBook on branding that you can get for free, whatever.


We're going to start with something free and then we're going to move into our low cost products. So you're going to say, I also have products about whatever it is that you talk about that range from the lower tier dollar amount to the higher tier dollar amount. You’ll share what they are and then go into the problem solving. By asking what’s been their biggest challenge, or what’s the most important thing they need to work on in the next 30 days, or what they’re looking for. The goal is to figure out a challenge, a desire or a problem that they have. If you have a boutique, you may ask how long they’ve been looking for this item or what occasion they're shopping for to find out if there is a special occasion or just because.

For a service provider like me, I need to know what you’ve been struggling with and what’s your priority as far as branding, sales, marketing. The goal is to figure out what they are trying to accomplish in the next thirty to sixty days.


By this time you have taken an opportunity to build your list and you’ve also outlined your pricing points so now you don’t have to worry about people wasting your time.


So now whenever they tell you that they need help, they may say, they would like to work with you one on one. They would like to come into a class or, they need to find a pair of jeans to be shipped before Friday. They may say “I know it's last minute, but can you help me with that?” At that point you can get specifically to what that client is looking for with this simple format. Okay. Write it down, put a star by it, save it and start using it. You're going to be really amazed and this is going to save time for you and the customer.

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