Take Your Success To The Next Level

This is a 12 month program focused on hellping you generate multiple streams of Revenue. We primarly teach methods used for building online business or utilizing social media to bring traffic to your online business. 


Topics Covered In The Continuous Coins Academy

This training is designed to work with you and your busy life. You can be successful when you know how.

Basics of Business

Overview to social media marketing

Branding Basics

How to Establish Yourself & Build Your Brand in the Digital Space


Easy Businesses to Enter into with a Low Barrier to Entry & Great Return

Facebook & IG Ads

Over 1  Billion active users. You can't afford to not use one of these platforms

Retargeting & Optimization

What good is your list if you can't reach them. The Truth is Everyone won't open every email..but they can still see your offers! 

Email Marketing

List Building is Still the Best Way to Grow Revenue in the Digital Space. You use your list to send direct messages, retarget, build exposure, and make $$$

How To Become A Paid Speaker

So Many of Us Have So Much to Say. Turn Your Story, Experience, Struglle, or Knowledge into Income & Opportunity 

Online Infrastructure... Sales/Marketing/Funnels & Tools

You will learn step by step how to put it all together and launch effective campaigns. Achieve Your Goals..

Choose The Program That is Best For You

If you are wanting more 1-on-1 development choose the Elite Program. There are only 10 spots total. There are only 20 Spots total for Social Media Camp.

SOCIAL MEDIA SCHOOL - $1616.17/ Month


DOWN- Total of $5000.00

This is for all of those who desire to be a social media manager or consultant.

How to Calculate & Project Budgets for Clients 

How to Read Your Analytics

How to Price Your Services

How to Book New Clients

Facebook & IG Ads Training

Power Editor 

Retargeting & Optimization

List Building


Engagement Secrets

The Proper Way to Run a Social Media Contest 

Page Monetization Streams 

High Converting Ads 

Social Media Growth Tactics 

Social Media School Starts 01.08.18. It is 12 -15 Weeks of Training. All Payments and Courses Start in January of 2019. 



BASIC - $1497/ Month



12 Month Subscription to Kash Kingdom Elite

LIVE Monthly Group Q&A

Free Plan With Ashley Ann 2019 Courses & Replays

Course Content Which Covers:

  • Facebook and IG Ads 
  • Power Editor 
  • Retargeting & Optimization
  • List Building
  • Funnels
  • Landing Pages 
  • Product Creation
  • Drop Shipping
  • How to Get Paid As A Speaker
  • How to Get Published
  • Email Marketing

Montly Payments of $529.17 & Content Start in November of 2018


ELITE - $1997/Month



 Montly Private 1-on-1 Biz Building Call

Product Creation Assistance

Pricing Assistance

Program Development

Independent Consultation for Sales, Thank You Pages, Funnels, and Ads

Media Kit

Admission to One Live Event of Your Choice

Admission to 2 Live Workshops of Your Choice

Admission into Peri-Coin Academy or Insta-Coin Academy

12 Month Subscription to Kash Kingdom Elite

LIVE Monthly Group Q&A

Free Plan With Ashley Ann 2019 Courses & Replays

Course Content Which Covers:

  • Facebook & IG Ads
  • Power Editor 
  • Retargeting & Optimization
  • List Building
  • Funnels
  • Landing Pages
  • Product Creation/Selection
  • Dropshipping
  • How To Get Paid As A Speaker
  • How To Get Published
  • Email Marketing

Monthly Payments of $1408.58 & Content Starts in November of 2018




One Time Payment Discount or Apply for PayPal Credit

Social Media School $4,500.00

Basic Enrollment $5,999.99

Elite Enrollment $15,999.99

Click on the Registration Option Above & You Will Be Directed to PayPal. There You Will Receive the Option to Apply for PayPal Credit. If Approved You Will be entered $0 Down & 6 Months no Interest. 

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Elite Enrollment

"This time last year I couldn't get a client....although I had made money online years prior (never this much at once) and now one year later (really 9 months later) my life and business are barely recognizable! I've generated over $300K this year alone - "

Shayla Smart
Smart Success

"Ashley helped me use Facebook to build a list of over 2000 people .& I made over $10,000.00 -- Casey Lemair"

Casey Lemair

"I didn't understand how all of this worked until going through Ashley's program. I've made 5 $2000.00 sales, and the best part is I'm not even finished with the program - "

Books Across America
Dr. Richard E Tony PhD


All Payments Are Non-Refundable. In Event of Non-Payment we will re-attempt payment. After the second attempt your membership will be revoked.



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